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With innovative features to help you create
even the most complex dishes, this built in electric single oven from AEG is an outstanding
choice. With a large seventy litre capacity, there’s plenty of flexibility if you’re
cooking for a large household or like to host dinner parties. It’s also a multifunctional
oven with great functions, including a bread baking and Slow Cook setting. AEG’s amazing
SteamBoost technology uses the power of steam to cook your food to perfection. Simply fill
up the water tank, then select one of the steam cooking functions and the temperature
needed. Steam is then released at the precise time during cooking, which locks in the flavour
and texture of your ingredients. So, it’s perfect for keeping meat tender, vegetables
crunchy and bread will always have a delicious golden crust. This model’s incredible Hydrolytic
feature uses steam to leave your oven spotless. Simply fill the water tank and choose the
cleaning function from the control panel. The water is rapidly heated and released into
the oven as powerful jets of steam, which loosen any dried on food. So all it needs
is a quick wipe with a cloth. Now after enjoying that juicy rack of lamb, you can relax instead
of spending hours cleaning. If you’re looking for a built in electric single oven with innovative
features to help you create complex dishes, this model from AEG is the one for you.

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