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Asko Under Bench 14 Place Dishwasher Model:D5436SS Detailed Video Review

Asko Under Bench 14 Place Dishwasher Model:D5436SS review

designed to be built right into your kitchens cabinetry this Asko dishwasher will blend seamlessly into your kitchen because this is a built in dishwasher it is important to know that the sides and top are not included and you will need to purchase them separately if you’re looking to turn it into a free-standing appliance now it’s finished in a stylish stainless steel but if you prefer the more classic look this model is also available in white let’s take a look inside with 14 place settings and premium internal racking every cup nice plate and even dirty pot use by your family has a place within the dishwasher while still leaving enough room to achieve optimum wash results now altogether there are two steel baskets each with their own standout features apart from the standout foldable plate racks this dishwasher features a handy nice basket which is just here that makes storing sharp knives safer as well as plate supports that can widen so if you have plates that are greater than 25 centimeters in diameter the supports down here in the bottom bucket can adapt to ensure they fit inside for the perfect wash another standout feature is the cutlery basket just down here now this has a fold down section and this is perfect for things like an electric whisk attachment or even a pacifier the lid to the basket can also be removed and used as an extra cutlery basket now both baskets easily glide in and out even when completely full thanks to the easy grip handles and guard rails with ball bearings there are a total of two spray arms and eight spray zones ensuring a deep thorough clean during each wash cycle unlike other dishwashers that use heating elements to dry the dishes this Asko dishwasher absorbs the hot steam and converts it into water so it can push it back into the machine drying this way helps remove condensation for better faster drying results to start a cycle simply press and hold the main power button until the display lights up you can use the program selector to choose the desired wash cycle and then just press start there are six different cycles to choose from including a quick wash which is ideal if you only need to do a load of lightly soiled dishes such as cups and glasses there is also a heavy wash for your more heavily soiled pots and pans as well as an eco wash which helps keeps water and energy consumption low for added safety an alarm will sound in case of a leakage but this dishwasher is also fitted with aqua safe and aqua detect so if there is a leakage the water will cut off at the supply making sure your floors are safe from any major damages with all these great features plus much much more it’s no wonder appliances from ASCO can be found in homes all over the world thanks so much for watching

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