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Asko 14 Place Settings Under Bench Dishwasher Model:D5456WH Detailed Video Review

Asko 14 Place Settings Under Bench Dishwasher Model:D5456WH review

finish in a cool I swiped that mimics the snowy tops of the Scandinavian Mountains and featuring intuitive easy-to-use touch controls this ASCO built-in dishwasher will make a great addition to any home needing a helping hand in the kitchen if white isn’t for you and you prefer a more sleeker tone this model is also available in a fingerprint-resistant stainless steel with 14 place settings and fantastic flexibility via its premium racking system this dishwasher will easily cater to large households even on busy days such as Christmas or birthdays when the kitchen normally houses mountains of dirty dishes do you remember because this dishwasher is designed to be built in the sides and top will need to be purchased separately if you’re looking to turn it into a free-standing appliance the reason why asko built-in dishwashers come supplied with no tops in size is because without them you can get a better square set when installing now when we take a look inside here you’ll notice three levels of racking the top cutlery tray just here has space for all your spoons knives ladles and teaspoons the tray can also be removed and adjusted if you need extra room in the bottom rack for taller items this feature is also handy when unloading all of your cutlery both the upper and lower basket feature easy grip handles that are fitted onto telescopic rails which makes sliding the baskets in and out a lot easier even when they are completely full now the bottom basket down here features plate supports that can widen so if you have plates that are greater than 25 centimeters in diameter which is actually quite common these days the supports in the bottom basket can adapt to ensure they fit for the perfect wash there are a total of three spray arms and nine spray zones ensuring a deep thorough clean during each wash cycle and to guarantee thorough drying results this dishwasher uses a turbo drying system unlike other dishwashers that use heating elements to dry the dishes this Asko dishwasher absorbs the hot steam and then it converts it into water so it can push it back into the machine drying this way helps remove condensation for better faster drying results to start the machine simply hold down the main power button which is just up here until the display lights up from there you can select a pro using the program selector button located just to the left of the control panel there are six different wash programs to choose from so whether you’re needing to get the leftover potato bake off the baking dish wash a load of cups and mugs or if you’re just trying to minimize energy consumption this dishwasher has the program for you now once you’ve selected the desired wash program you can then go ahead and adjust the program by selecting the extra options located to the right of the program selector are five option buttons now these include a long dry option which raises the temperature in the final rinse for improved drying results there is also a delayed start option and a time saver option once you’re happy with everything all you then have to do is press the start button which is just here just above this button is the digital display now before I get to that I want you to just listen to how quiet this machine is now just up here on the digital display it lets you see at a glance just how long a cycle has left to go as well as if the rinse aid dispenser needs refilling when you welcome an Asko dishwasher into your home you’re also welcome in innovation and comfort thanks so much for watching

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