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LG Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer Model:LBN22515ST Detailed Video Review

LG Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer Model:LBN22515ST review

are you looking at buying an LG refrigerator I’ve got one here that I’ve had for 12 years now I believe and it’s still kicking I want to talk to you guys about that today first of all hi hi doll the new dads out there this is dad reviews this is where I give you my unedited hopefully more authentic look at the products that I like using half so if interested in that you might want to consider clicking that subscribe button so today like I said we have an LG refrigerator that I’ve had for I think about 12 years now and it’s still running strong for us I really like art our LG refrigerator here by the way if I can find this particular one I’ll link it up down in the description below being that it’s this old they probably updated it I’ll also link up the updated one if I can’t find this original one so first of all I really like the long handle here on the side just a whatever height you know your kids are I am a wife is anybody can grab this thing from anyhow sorry one thing that I really like about this refrigerator the gaskets sealed very nicely on there look watch I’m gonna go I’ve never had to replace the gaskets or anything you got these nice black gaskets right there they’re nice and thick they pushed down never had any problem with those before so I really really like that going into the space here you have a bucket load of buckets if you will have shelving units here where you can put all of your different condiments and whatnot into there these are removable and replaceable you have to have everything out of there I’ll show you all that but just you just lift it up and move it out all made a plastic never had anyone break on me or anything though and it looks good a little bit of tape residue here from whenever we moved I never got rid of that I need to get rid of that I’ve got a little butter tray up here i dry a dairy corner that you can use up here as well now one thing with this refrigerator is that whenever it will eventually happen because I’m gonna leave it open but it does give a little beep as far as like its energy saving thing so whenever it’s like hey you’re wasting too much energy because we’ve taken too long or the doors been left open some reason didn’t get sealed we’re gonna beep at you so it’ll it’ll start beeping apps which is actually a nice function I like it because my son left the door open the other day because they didn’t shut this drawer all the way that’s the beat it just does three little beeps and yeah it’s not too intrusive or anything like that so I really like that so you get good shelving space here I gotta say you have two shelves on top and they don’t slide which is not a problem for us we never use slides because I find whenever I try to slide something out stuff usually falls in the back so I like how they stay stationary here you can adjust them though as far as how high you want them so it’s very nice feature right there again another shelving unit here and this is a shelving unit with a drawer what’s nice about this too is that if you wanted more drawer storage space you could easily go and buy one shelf with a drawer and just simply attach it to this particular one right here which I really really like in fact no okay so yeah it’s got a little bracket here on this one that this one doesn’t have that’s the only difference and then you also have your two crisper drawers on the bottom here and you got one big giant shelf here this is your humidity control whether you’re doing fruits or vegetables in there and you get deep really deep drawers here which I really like they do really well and I really like I like the size of them there are perfect size right there now another thing the reason why we got the Callaway you have your let me show you all this you have your temperature gauge up here and your freezer dage up here and this is for the ice which we’ll get into and then you adjust it using these little toggles right here so one thing that I really liked about this refrigerator freezer is that the bottom is where the freezer is and heat rises so if you always have heat rising and your fruit your freezers on the top it’s not as energy-efficient if you put your freezer on the bottom so this is the freezer right here let’s see um a lot again just to go with the other bar nice and long I really even though it’s not up and down you doesn’t need to be I think that really kind of ridiculous way down here baby wants to get in but you simply open it up it’s got a nice gasket on it as well just like the other one there again never had to replace it never had any issues with it you do get one little shelving unit right here which does come out if you do want to take it out we like it here it works well and then you have a one shelf up top here and then you have this big giant sliding drawer which whenever it comes to a sliding drawer in the freezer I like this because it’s smaller smaller space than the refrigerator so it’s nice that it’s all in one big basket if these up here we’re baskets that’d be nice if they’d slide out but then you wouldn’t you lose a lot of room being that this is all in the bottom I think it’s perfect and they it’s it’s a little angled back here so it can fit all the components and that’s sitting behind those panels right there but I really really like this giant basket that they keep in here because it’s very easy to slide in and out it’s very easy to kind of get into here again the beeping noise there’s a light right here this is your toggle for the light and it stays nice and chilled I’ve never had any issues with the cooling or the or anything like that now the only issue that I’ve had is with the icemaker and it’s probably operator error I I think whenever I tried to install it and connect the lines some debris got caught in the lines and I just never took the time to figure out how to actually get it working because for a while in our old house we didn’t have the plumbing to be able to connect it so whenever we moved here and the plumbing was there and I tried to connect it didn’t work because I’m pretty sure junk got in the line so that’s why we have these ice trays here it does come with a big tray that fits right here but we have it actually in our laundry room housing something else right now so I just got a little container right there and this thing it kind of takes up some space being that it’s not in use but if it wasn’t use it be fantastic so all in all definite thumbs up on this refrigerator if you’re looking for a refrigerator brand I can highly recommend this LG just because I’ve had it for so long and I haven’t really had any complications with it so if you all are in the market definitely I’ll link this one up down in the description below y’all can go read more reviews on Amazon about this particular refrigerator and about the LG brands that they have and some of their newer refrigerators because some of the best information comes from other people’s actual reviews so I highly recommend it off like that link down in the description and go and read their reviews if you guys are liking what we’re doing here on dead reviews make sure to click that subscribe button if you’re looking for a dishwasher I just uploaded a video yesterday about our dishwasher that we have I’ll put that right up there y’all can go and check that out if you guys want more of our videos I’ll put some more videos right there on the screen I’d love it if you guys watch more of our videos definitely appreciate it when you guys do that give a product that you want us to review here on Dada reviews let me know what it is down in the comments below I’ll see if I can get it for you thank you dads for watching and dad out

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2 Replies to “LG Refrigerator with Bottom Freezer Model:LBN22515ST Detailed Video Review

  1. they dont make refrigerator like this anymore American made or Korean made LG or Samsung is all same shit, had them all …usually breaks down after 2-3 years , …I bought this LG 2017 model stainless steel bottom freezer refrigerator – ldcs24223s , secondary refrigerator for my house was great price $1100 gonna deliver few weeks from now & Got 5 years SQUARE TRADE warranty ON this for $125 & gonna worth every fuckin penny down the road sure on that! be smart these days & buy extended warranty with ur appliance.. they dont make appliances like this last this long anymore in ANY brand all of them need service after 2-3 years ..specially in refrigerators

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