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Blanco Free-Standing Freestanding Dishwasher Model:BDW146X Detailed Video Review

Blanco Free-Standing Freestanding Dishwasher Model:BDW146X review

this Blanco dishwasher has a free-standing design allowing it to be installed anywhere that’s suitable in your kitchen whether that’s out in the open or underneath the bench top if you are planning to set it up under a bench be sure to double check all the measurements to make sure it will fit properly leaving room available for the power and water connections the dishwasher door is finished in stainless steel which is simple to keep clean and will look especially good alongside other steel kitchen appliances the control panel just up here is quite simple using four buttons and an electronic display to manage the dishwashing programs use the program button to cycle through the six available wash programs intensive heavy normal glass one hour and soak be sure to select the best program to suit your load of dishes for example if you only have a lightly soiled load you can save some time by using the one hour cycle now inside the dishwasher here you will find there a sliding upper and lower basket the pans pots plates and cups as well as a slim cutlery tray right here at the top now this is split into two halves and you can adjust the angles of both sides to better fit and organize your cutlery and utensils now the two baskets include folding spikes to provide extra flexibility when it comes to arranging your dishes and cups the upper basket here is also hot adjustable allowing you to create more space to fit bigger dishes if you’re only washing enough dishes to fill one of these baskets think about using the control panels half load button now this will optimize your wash to efficiently save energy and water when cleaning the smaller load the dispenser on the door down here is used for detergent and rinse aid if you do forget to refill the rinse aid a reminder will light up on the control panel at the base of the interior underneath the spray arms you’ll find the dishwashers filter be sure to keep this clean so your dishwasher can keep operating as efficiently as possible thanks for watching

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