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Blanco 15 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher Model:BDW8345X Detailed Video Review

Blanco 15 Place Setting Freestanding Dishwasher Model:BDW8345X review

this european-made blanco 15 place setting dishwasher can be set up anywhere in your kitchen where there is access to power and cold water if you choose to install it underneath a kitchen bench rather than out in the open make sure to double check all of the measurements first leaving some extra room free at the rear for the power and water connections now the lid on the top here is removable if you do require a little extra clearance underneath the bench the dishwashers stainless steel door is easy to keep clean and it will match well with other stainless steel kitchen appliances the door here is also extremely sturdy and you will notice this when opening and closing the control panel up here uses a series of buttons and lights to show which wash settings are currently active there are also lights that show the progress of your dish washing cycle so you can instantly know whether the appliance is washing rinsing or drying now the turbo dry function helps with the drying process and it won’t require the door to be opened once the dishwasher has completed its wash cycle this function can be selected for three out of eight wash programs and adds an additional 10 minutes to the program that is selected it also ensures that all your items in your dishwasher will come out dry even if selecting the turbo dry function it’s still recommended to use rinse aid for maximum drying results optional extras for your wash settings include extra hygiene for eliminating more germs which is ideal for things like baby bottles and pacifiers and there’s an extra rinse for a more thorough clean you also have the option to delay the start of your dishwashing by up to 24 hours to better suit your busy schedule you can even have it running at night without it disturbing your sleep as this dishwasher operates at only 42 decibels making it quieter than an average conversation taking a look inside the dishwasher there are the upper and lower basket we have a cutlery tray up here and also a removable cutlery basket there are two spray arms that will help clean your dishes thoroughly both the upper and lower baskets include flexible racking for organizing your plates pots and pans now the upper basket is also height adjustable so you can make extra room for taller items and if you only have a small number of dishes to clean you also use the half load option which works for both the top and bottom half to save power and water now the maximum size plate you can put down in the lower basket is 31 centimeters and thanks to the tray handles here at the front the basket slides in and out with ease now the problem with a lot of dishwashers with cutlery trays is that they don’t give you enough room in the top basket for long stem web with this cutlery tray what you can actually do is remove the tray inserts making it easier to wash your delicate champagne flute and wine glasses the detergent dispenser is found on the inside of the dishwasher door now this is where you can load your dishwasher tablets and also your rinse aid if you run out of rinse aid a light on the control panel will remind you to give it a top-up for peace of mind this dishwasher features an app with stop flood protection that will keep floors and carpets safe in the event of a plumbing malfunction the technology will shut off the water if it detects a problem during the wash cycle the dishwasher also carries a two-year manufacturer’s warranty thanks so much for watching

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