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This stylish Bosch Serie 8 electric single
oven is great if you want a self-cleaning model with fantastic technology that cooks
your food to perfection. As a multifunctional oven, you’ll have lots of cooking functions
to choose from including a Pizza function, Hot air Grilling and conventional top and
bottom heat. With a forty-seven litre capacity, this model
is perfect for a medium-sized household or for using as a secondary oven. The incredible
4D Hot Air system creates a perfectly consistent temperature from the top to the bottom of
the oven. A specially designed fan at the back of the
oven rotates in two directions, spreading hot air rapidly throughout the cavity. Because the hot air is constantly moving,
meals are cooked evenly and flavours and smells won’t intermingle between dishes. This makes
it ideal if you have guests, as you can make lots of dishes at once. The Pyrolytic setting
is an amazing self-cleaning function that does the hard work for you. Once selected,
it burns away grease and food splatters by raising the temperature to four-hundred and
eighty degrees. The door locks for your safety and once the programme is complete, any ash
that’s left behind can be easily wiped away. This Bosch oven is ideal if you want a stylish,
self-cleaning model with great technology that cooks your meals to perfection.

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