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Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMU68M05AUSS Detailed Video Review

Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMU68M05AUSS review

we’re looking at the Bosch SMU 68 series this is the built under series of dishwasher notice it doesn’t have a lid at the top so it goes straight underneath the bench at the top here control panel on and off button and again just a simple push of the button depending on the cycle that you want to use and it hit the start button simple as that now this particular model here is also made in Germany it covers 2 years on all parts and labor it is stainless steel right throughout the whole machine going from the top up here slide a cup redraw all your knives and forks here nice and easy lay one after the other gives a nice easy clean the second rack also adjustable quick push on lever it’ll drop down immersion to raise the machine up and down to see a difference what’s the plates gives you more or less height here by adjusting that top basket in here or your plates you can easily adjust your X to suit different sort of plates dishes pots and pans once finished close it up and then just hit the start button or your times and temperatures are displayed clearly on the front you

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