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Bosch HP A13B12OB Electric Oven Detailed Video Review

Bosch HP A13B12OB Electric Oven review

hi and welcome to another video review by this reviewer calm today we’ve been sent to the entry-level built-in oven by Bosch the the reason why we’re looking at this one is simple it’s got some great reviews on a Elcom and the seen as an absolute bargain by many we will replace this built-in oven with the new Bosch model first off remove the old on by removing the side holding screws disconnect it and simply slide it out here is the delivered Bosch unit in its delivery packaging it’s simply a piece of heavy industrial plastic that wraps around the bottom a few wooden blocks that stop any squeezing out of the front two sides polystyrene panels and the bottom paper tray and here it is before you continue always check the measurements here to make sure that your new oven even though they’re all more or less standard fits it’s just common sense as you don’t want to remove the old one and then find yourself with an empty hole until you can find the right size appliance as you can see the electrical wire comes with a plug for the oven itself and nothing for the power outlet this is simply due to the fact that you should use a qualified electrician to hook this up to the power we are using a simple 13 amp fuse plug here and that’s how this kitchen was designed [Music] the oven plug slips and easily enough into the oven socket and then there’s a snap in Lock which feels really sturdy [Music] inside the machine you will find the manual power efficiency and model number sticker and two screws now let’s install the oven first things first fit the cable to its power outlet then snap the power plug to the oven socket don’t turn it on just yet it really should be turned on when everything’s fitted just as precaution slide in the new oven should fit like a glove [Music] and now try to make sure that the sides are equal and then screw in the two screws now let’s power it on it works like a charm let’s look at the settings here the clock is nice and simple you press this button several times to go through various different options such as timers and the clock then you have the two knobs this one on the right is for the temperature and goes up to 200 degrees C and grill settings of which there are three the other knob to the left sets the oven lights defrost grill fan single elements fun full elements that’s all to it a very simple control system to this you are recommended to set this at 240 degrees C for one hour to get rid of any new paint smells and we did it got hot really quick and the front glass was cool to the touch so it’s very well insulated it’s a great oven and a very reasonable price it’s not hard to see why this model has become so popular thanks for watching and please do subscribe to our channel for more great videos [Music] you [Music]

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4 Replies to “Bosch HP A13B12OB Electric Oven Detailed Video Review

  1. I have problem i have the HBN301.2Z Built in OVEN AND the NK6EK645G17 HOB but the cables arent compatable who do i sort the issues abd get both units working??

  2. I can only warn you not to buy Bosch. My Bosch oven is faulty. Bosch won’t fix it. Absolutely disgusting. Never buying Bosch again.

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