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Bosch HBM53B550 Exxcel Integrated Double Oven Detailed Video Review

Bosch Exxcel Integrated Double Oven Model:HBM53B550 review

okay this is that brand new boss double oven and it’s the built-in double oven we in stainless stainless steel no roses there and then this is the bosch exxcel it’s the middle of the line and it’s actually probably one of the best ovens but yeah without a picture but now these two controllers are the settings for the top oven and the bottom of them and then you’ve got the temperature controls for the bottom woman and the top oven and then you’ve also got the the grill settings and he goes all the way up to 275 degrees and you’ve also got a clean set as well which I’ve shown a minutes so the top oven and it has a baking tray full with baking tray with itself if you want to use that smile there we go now you can have top and bottom heat which is the normal oven you can have the grill for width and the grill half width and in the bottom of end you got three shelves and that’s just a straight three shelves with adjustable high and then top in the bottom of when you’ve got you’ve got your fan upland which is normal and you’ve got the normal oven which is top and bomb heat the other Peaks are set in which is a fan with a bottom heat you got fan and grill which is pretty good for getting like potato pies and stuff it makes the cheese on top been nice you got the half grill and a full grill and you’ve got bottom heat which is for warming this is up and then you’ve got defrost and you’ve got okay and then you’ve got the display the display basically says this one here is rapid heat up and I rapidly heats the bottom of an OP and it doesn’t heat the top on that yeah they’re just put a normal oven on the top and you’ve got the clean setting as well which is an hour it’s basically he’s put it to clean then heats to 500 degrees and it burns all of this stuff down to ash and using the bulb needs to wipe it off and you got the the timer if you wanted to set the kitchen my kitchen timer it goes all the way up to like 24 hours no think you’d really want it on that long you’ve got the cooking side if you want to cook an item for a certain time you may switch off on its own and then you’ve got the what time you wanted to finish if you want it to pre program it in the future painting child lock as well which works by without it switched on it basically blocks out the does bottom oven it can’t be switched on he switches the fan on but it doesn’t switch any of the other bars on to them work and then to deactivate press and hold it again it doesn’t work in the top one top event and then if you set the top oven to say a temperature the red light comes on and once it’s reached the temperature the red light goes off on the top of it and in the bottom oven if you set temperature the heating light comes on in the display and you it goes off when it’s easy don’t so that’s the bottle and thanks for watching I’m going to do this by

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