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Bosch 224L Fridge Model:KIR24V20GB_WH Detailed Video Review

Bosch 224L Fridge Model:KIR24V20GB_WH review

hello I’m Kirsty from and this is the bosch classix built in fridge now as it stands it’s effectively naked it’s up to you to dress it with your own kitchen furniture so once you do have your own cupboards on the front there it will look as beautiful as you want it to blend in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen build quality wise everything feels really good a nice solid door there which will be made only stronger by your own daughter your place on the front and inside all of your shells be a glass ones or your plastic ones in the door just feel really well made so you can have a lot of confidence in this product now inside of there you’ve got quite a lot of space 224 liters to be exact so it’s a great size not too big not too small it’s going to benefit a medium-sized family and their weekly shop perfectly well now there’s nothing too fancy when it comes to storing your food away no little gadgets or gizmos but you do have plenty of shelves there they do have the thin lip that runs around the edge so if there are any spillages it should all stay content with them that one shelf not spilling all the way down and they’re all removable and adjustable as well so you can have plenty of flexibility there when it was just storing away at your food and you drink down at the bottom you have your vegetables and salad box there which pulls out easily just a nice space s be able to stock up on all those healthy good is and then into the door is where you’ll find all of your other shelves now there’s plenty of space on here as well I like how the nicely spaced out so you can get those larger items on such as those easy to reach items that you want a bit bulky let you jars of mayonnaise and so on no lidded compartment at the top what you do have a deep well down at the bottom to put in all of your big bottles of your milks and you juices now this is an auto defrost model so it means that you don’t have to worry about manually defrosting this yourself freeing up a little bit more time for you down at the bottom there is a little hole and that drains away all of the water any condensation that can be found inside the fridge before it turns into frost and ice on that back wall so it means that you should have a little bit of extra time on your hands now control wise all very simple they’ve opted for the standard dial here which is right near the fronts are very easy to get to and it just simply smoothly to round into position to select the temperature of your choice and just behind there is where you’ll find quite a large light so it’s really going to illuminate inside of the fridge even down at the bottom so you can see exactly what you are doing now for an idea of how this may look in your kitchen take a look at how it looks in ours and please do make sure that you check dimensions just so you know that you have plenty of space available so this is the bosch classix built in fridge nothing too much to look at on the outside but inside plenty of space there for a medium-sized family and their food shop and with the auto defrost you’ve got plenty of time on your hands I hope you found this review helpful and thank you for watching

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