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Bosch HBA13B253B Electric Single Oven Detailed Video Review

Bosch HBA13B253B Electric Single Oven review

hi this is the bosch HB a 1 3 B 2 5 3 B single oven today I’ll show you some of the features and benefits of it I’ve got it connected up so let’s go just before we start I’ll just point out there are actually two ways you can connect this oven the first one is the normal hardwiring into a main socket that’s the way that most simple events are connected the next way the way I’ve got this one connected is literally through a 13 mm socket and basically once you’ve attached the plug on to the end you can just plug it into any socket the advantage is that you don’t actually have to have a main cooker point in the kitchen now the first thing you’ll notice once it’s been connected easy of got all of the digits on the front here that basically means we need to set the clock and it is very easy all you do is you just press the clock button on there and depending on the time you can just press the plus or minus to set the time so that’s the the first thing very very easy so if you’re connecting it yourself then that’s the first step done so house I’ve already shown you the display on here it’s a red display and it’s very well lit so it’s easy to read the controls at the top the functions are actually pop in pop out controls so when you’re not using it you can pop the dials in and it’s a nice smooth finish and also it’s nice like that because they’re very easy to keep clean the handle on it is a nice solid metal handle and when you pull the door down it’s very easy to get everything in and out a couple of things to point out on the inside of this urban compared to most other ovens on this one you’ve actually got five shelf positions sometimes to look out for when you’re buying an oven because some of them only have three which can when you’ve got food in here and especially if you do int all say a joint or something then that can make a difference where the shelves are positioned you actually go to so you get two of these type racks they slide easily in and out the bottom you’ve got a really good roasting tin there are other accessories that you can get so if you did want extra shelves or extra tens then you can also get those from bosch direct now on this oven you’ve actually got quite a few different settings on here so as far as the timer settings you can actually time the oven to come on and also turn off for certain times and that’s basically done through the menu here when you press that you can just guide through here so that’s 30 minutes in the timing I better what that does is that will set the oven and that’s actually set to come on for 30 minutes and then at the end of that time that will switch yourself off now as far as the settings on the oven on the left-hand side you’ve got the light this is basicly just a light on so if you need light in the kitchen then you can use that it is basically a single bulb underneath here it is easy to get to and it is easy to replace if you need to in the future the next one would be the defrost setting that’s man if he wants to obviously defrost Brad meat times will vary accordingly the grill setting of course once you’ve selected these you do need to select the temperature as well then you’ve got the fan assisted grill main advantage with the fan assisted is that it gives more of an even heat distribution this is a feature which Bosch mainly have is called 3d hotel the main advantage of this and this is a really good function basically this utilizes the fan at the back of the oven and what it will do is it will provide an even heat throughout the oven now knew the useful feature on the oven is this it’s the child lock and to set the child lock you press and hold the key button for four seconds and as you can see the little key symbol has appeared the main advantage of this although you can still turn the dials and if you hear that the fan will still come on but what it does is it heartily interrupts the heating element so even if you turn that on and you try and turn it up although some of the functions can still work with the child lock enabled it won’t heat up and to disable the child lock you basically press and hold the key for four seconds again and as you can see now I’ve disabled the child lock everything has come on as normal now obviously for most people at some point during the life of the oven you want to clean it what you can do there are a couple of features on here that’s a really really good for cleaning the first one at some point you might want to take these out and to do that you literally lift it up from the back just a little bit and I comes out actually with those you can get them a good wash and a hot soapy water or put them in the dishwasher and then it’s put them back in just locate the backpack push it so long that drops in there like that ever so easily now another option you do gets on this oven which you don’t get on many if the other manufacturers is the option to remove the door literally all you need to do is pull these two tubs outside push the door a little bit and then lift it and their doors come up you do have the option to remove the glass from here if you want to just to make it easy for cleaning and it’s put the door back on drops back into place pull it by you have to make sure you put those little tabs back and then you’re ready to go I hope you found the video useful on the Bosch HBA 1-3 b25 3b please give us a thumbs up on a YouTube video and leave any comments below if you’re interested in this oven and see the link below thank you very much

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