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Bosch Integrated Undercounter Freezer Model:GUD15A50GB Video Review

Bosch Integrated Undercounter Freezer Model:GUD15A50GB review

This integrated, under-counter freezer from Bosch is great if you’re looking for a compact model with some handy features to make sure your frozen food is kept in great condition. It has an A-plus energy rating, three storage compartments and can hold up to five bags of shopping thanks to its ninety-eight litre capacity. This model has a handy open door alert. If the door is left open for too long, the alarm will sound. This will remind you to close the freezer, so you can easily avoid any defrosting accidents. When you stock up on new food, select the fantastic Super Freeze function to keep your food in optimum condition. It rapidly lowers the temperature and generates
cold air for up to twelve hours to quickly freeze your groceries. So, it’s perfect for locking vital nutrients, vitamins and flavours in your food when you return home from the supermarket. If you’re looking for a compact, integrated under counter freezer with some great features to look after your frozen food, this Bosch model is ideal.

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