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Bosch NBS533BS0B Serie 4 Electric Double Oven Detailed Video Review

Bosch Serie 4 Electric Double Oven Model:NBS533BS0B review

[Music] with its sleek and stylish design this built under double oven from Bosch is sure to fit seamlessly into any kitchen 3d hot air distributes heat to an optimal level spreading it quickly and evenly throughout the entire cavity so you can cook on three levels simultaneously without mixing flavors the LED display includes red lighting on the control panel to indicate the time settings enjoy a user-friendly design that gives you easy control of your cooking an eco clean direct liner on the back wall of the cavity absorbs grime and grease and breaks them down while you cook ensuring that the interior stays spotless without the need for manual cleaning discover convenient cooking thanks to the space-saving size of this Bosch built under electric oven [Music] you [Music]

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