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Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS40E08AU Detailed Video Review

Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS40E08AU review

this Bosch dishwasher has been designed to provide efficient and innovative cleaning to the family kitchen saving your time power and water now looking at the front here the dishwasher is money choosing a program selector an integrated start button here you can select one of four available wash programs including an efficient economy setting and time-saving quick wash that produces the same great washing results in up to half the time now additional options for your wash include various feed which helps reduce the time of any cycle as well as aqua sensor technology that senses your load and adjust the settings accordingly for added safety Bosch have also installed the dishwasher with an anti flood device which will switch off the water supply if an error or fault is detected saving your floor’s from accidental water damage there is also a child button lock to prevent little ones from tampering with the functions during a wash cycle now the upper basket here features wine stem glass holders so your delicate glassware is secured during each cycle they can also act as long utensil holders when folded down the upper basket will accommodate smaller items such as cups glasses and sources now let’s take a look down here at the bottom basket it slides out easily just like the top and comes with a handy removable cutlery basket the prongs can also be folded if you need to accommodate large pots and pans now inside the door down here we have the dispenser for your washing detergent this dishwasher uses dosage assist and auto brilliants detergent systems to automatically make the most efficient possible use of your detergent now the entire dishwasher runs on the Bosch eco silence Drive designed to thoroughly and quietly wash your dishes and there you have it a simple and stylish dishwasher from Bosch thanks for watching

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