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Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS50M28AU Serie 6 Detailed Video Review

Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS50M28AU Serie 6 review

hi I’m Yannick from appliances online and today we’re looking at this sleek freestanding dishwasher from Bosch the SMS50M28AU Serie 6 this freestanding model is finished in a sleek anti fingerprint stainless steel and will look amazing in your kitchen with other stainless steel appliances that you may have taking a look at the front exterior the control panel is located here at the top and it’ll let you navigate through all the features and functions with ease this dishwasher has a total of five different wash programs including a pots and pans cycle that runs at a temperature of 70 degrees and a quick 45 degree cycle that’s suitable for lightly soiled utensils and cutlery in addition to these programs this Bosch dishwasher also features a half load plus option for when you only need to wash a few dishes and a very Oh speed Express wash option if you prefer to reduce the length of a cycle a standout feature of this Bosch dishwasher is its aqua sensor technology which is a sensor that measures the amount of soiling at the end of the pre rinse cycle if the soiling is only slight the water is reused for the main wash saving up to 20% of water for the entire wash if at the end of the pre rinse the water is heavily soiled the dishwasher will pump out the residual water to ensure the best possible wash result another great feature is the automatic load sensing that comes with a recommended detergent dosage function and automatic load adjustment the sensors detect and weigh the actual load in the drum while simultaneously calculating and displaying the correct amount of detergent required to complete the wash cycle taking a look inside the dishwasher there are two main baskets available the upper basket features a handy knife shelf and two cup shelves while the lower section is where you’ll find the removable cutlery basket both the upper and lower baskets feature foldable prongs and they’ll accommodate larger items back to the top section this upper basket features Bush’s new rack mattock plus system which allows the basket to be height adjusted in three positions you use the levers on either side and that’s really handy for when you have large pots underneath it can be moved up or down in two and a half centimeter increments even when full the basket can be easily adjusted so you create the necessary space in both baskets to accommodate those long-stemmed glasses or large plates or pots like I said for ease and convenience rack Matic plus also allows the dishwasher to operate with one side of the top basket angled higher or lower than the other as we’ve shown you here this model dishwasher features two spray arms and a handy tablet collecting tray ensuring optimum wash results time and time again the large items spray head also known as the Hedgehog has been specifically designed to wash large items such as platters simply remove the top basket from the dishwasher clip in the Hedgehog to the top basket water supply located here on the rear wall of the dishwasher and load your platters into the lower basket it’s also ideal for cleaning range hood filters and refrigerator shelves you can take advantage of washing your dishes during off-peak rate hours thanks to the whisper quiet operation and delay start function Bosch has ensured that this dishwasher runs quieter than an average conversation as you can see this Bosch dishwasher is filled with amazing features and functions that will make washing dishes a more calm and enjoyable experience and with a handy twenty four month warranty as well as amazing safety features such as the child lock and Bosh’s aqua stop plus anti flood protection this dishwasher is a great choice for those who love their feature-rich appliances

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3 Replies to “Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS50M28AU Serie 6 Detailed Video Review

  1. Why doesn’t Bosch provide a simply operator guide on u tube. twenty minutes to install the dishwasher, then another 30 minutes working out how to start the machine, AAAAAh

  2. Hi not sure if its exactly the same model but we bought a Serie 6 SuperSilence that looks a lot like this one about 2 years ago . We have loved our previous Bosch dishwashers over the past 30 years but this one is a complete dud . It does not wash propery , does not drain properly and the dishes are always slightly wet and sometimes slimy . We have had repair people look at it and cant find anything wrong . It’s going out on the clean up

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