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Bosch Freestanding Dishwasher Model:SMS68M38AU Detailed Video Review

Bosch Freestanding Dishwasher Model:SMS68M38AU review

finishing stainless steel and featuring outstanding performance functions such as faster washing and drying results plus greater loading capacity the SMS68M38AU was designed to be your best friend in the kitchen when it comes to cleaning up bosch produce high performance appliances and this freestanding dishwasher is no exception with easy-to-use controls six different available wash programs that tackle a variety of dishes at different levels of cleanliness bosch have definitely made this washer with convenience in mind tackle last night’s polonaise pot with ease thanks to the pots and pans cycle or gently wash your delicate glasses with the glass cycle that runs at 40 degrees there’s even a pre rinse cycle that helps keep bad odors at bay if your household only needs to run the dishwasher every so often if your energy conscious and also get excited by the words money-saving then this Bosch dishwasher is perfect for you the five-star water rating and four-star energy rating ensure high efficiency and particularly low water consumption you can even take advantage of washing your dishes during low peak hours thanks to its super silent operation which won’t disturb you while you sleep now you’re probably thinking who wants to get up in the middle of the night to turn on the dishwasher that is where the time delay function comes in handy you can delay the start of your wash cycle in one-hour steps up to 24 hours the digital display screen provides you with information about the remaining time of your current wash cycle the progress of your wash cycle whether or not you need to refill the rinse aid or check the water supply a light will also indicate which wash cycle is currently running keeping you up to date with what’s going on during every stage of the cleaning process inside the 15 play settings ensure every dinner plate soup bowl and piece of cutlery your family or guests use has a place within the smart very flex racking system and thanks to the three-stage height adjustable upper basket and foldable prongs and height fitting in larger items such as pots and pans will no longer be a hassle you can even remove the cutlery basket and still wash your cutlery within the dishwasher as they can be placed in the third level cutlery tray the large items spray head also referred to as the Hedgehog is perfect to use after a dinner party as it’s been designed to wash your larger items simply remove the top basket from the dishwasher clip the Hedgehog onto the top basket water supply and load your platters or large pots into the lower basket you can also use it to clean dishwasher safe a range hood filters and refrigerator shelves as like most Bosch home appliances this dishwasher is filled with handy features and outstanding functions but a standout feature is its aqua sensor technology which is a sensor that measures the amount of soiling at the end of the pre rinse cycle if the soiling is only minimal the water is reused for the main wash saving up to 20% of the water for the entire wash this dishwasher also uses a more hygienic way of drying your dishes it collects and reuses the residual heat from the warm water inside the dishwasher to dry them the heat exchanger not only reduces the need to heat additional rinses it also saves energy and protects your most valuable dishes and glasses from the damaging effects of temperature shocks if you’re looking for a smart easy and convenient way of washing your dishes don’t look past this feature-rich dishwasher from Bosch

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