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Bosch WTW87561GB Tumble Dryer Detailed Video Review

Bosch WTW87561GB Tumble Dryer review

enjoy incredibly fresh laundry with this eco-friendly heat pump tumble dry from Bosch thanks to its clever technology and amazing performance it has an a double plus energy rating and a medium-sized 9 kilogram drum we believe the bigger the drum the better not only because of the extra capacity but also because your clothes have more room to tumble for better drying results Bosch is fantastic allergy plus program keeps your clothes free from any pesky germs it dries your clothes at higher temperatures to get rid of 99% of allergens such as dust mites or pollen so no matter what allergies you may have you’ll always be able to wear your clothes with confidence the condenser on this Bosch model is self-cleaning which means it does all the hard work for you it cleverly recycles the water taken from your clothes and uses it to flush the condenser free of any fluff and because it’s done automatically you don’t even have to lift a finger meaning you’ll spend less time on chores if you want a heat pump tumble dryer that can give you incredibly fresh laundry this eco-friendly model from Bosch is the perfect choice

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