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Chef Freestanding Electric Oven Stove Model:CFE536SA Detailed Video Review

Chef Freestanding Electric Oven Stove Model:CFE536SA review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is the chef freestanding electric cooker the CFP 536 si now we’re looking at a model with a stainless steel finish today that a white model is also available for that classic look now this is a good choice of oven you know if you’re after something simple and affordable that will reliably cook your food and because the appliance is all electric it can be set up in pretty much any property that said it does need to be hardwired into your mains power supply so you will need to have a licensed electrician handle its installation let’s take a look at the cooktop here where you’ll be doing all of your boiling and frying now at the back here we have a splash bag now this is to help keep your kitchen clean of food splashes there are four solid electric hotplate in different sizes all designed to be rugged long-lasting and easy to keep clean these hot plates are controlled using the dials which are just here at the front just turn the dial on to the heat level and where you go now just to the right of these dials are the oven controls which are just as simple to use now one doll sets the oven temperature or switches on the ovens grill the other doll is a one hour timer which will sound an alarm when the time is up to remind you to check your cooking now looking at the oven here the glass door is double glazed now this will help keep the door cool to touch and to lock more of the ovens heat inside for more energy efficient cooking both the door and the glass panel inside can be removed the easier cleaning using the D shape handle here to open up the door inside there’s a gross capacity of 80 liters or about sixty six liters of usable capacity with the shelves in place now as you can see there are two shelves here available which you can set up on any of the five available racks to suit your cooking at the top of the oven is the grill here this is perfect for making cheese on toast or even fish fingers you’ll get the best results by grilling with the oven door closed unfortunately this oven doesn’t include a built-in storage drawer for baking trays and utensils instead the space underneath the oven is covered with matching stainless steel kickboard which helps keep Graz from collecting underneath your oven and that’s the sheer freestanding electric cooker available with a two year warranty thanks so much for watching and we hope this video will help you when shopping with us here at appliances online and remember to click on the subscribe button for more product videos just like this one

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