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Chef Freestanding Gas Oven Stove Model:CFG504WA Detailed Video Review

Chef Freestanding Gas Oven Stove Model:CFG504WA review

hi I am Yannick from appliances online and today we’re looking at this freestanding gas stove from chef the CFG 504 waa this stove is finished in a classic white and can easily match any other white goods you may have in your kitchen the 24-months parts and labor warranty or less you have peace of mind while the 80 liter oven capacity makes this stove ideal for medium-sized households looking at the stovetop first there are four gas burner hops with easy to remove enamel trivets each hob has electronic ignition so throw away those sliders and matches the control panel is located here at the front of the stove and it features seven easy-to-use knobs that control the stove top oven 60-minute timer and integrated grill the two smaller buttons on either end of the panel let you control the ovens internal light and the igniter the middle knob controls the convenient integrated grill and to make sure it’s safer to use chef’s have allowed for closed-door grilling just below the control panel is the ovens door handle you’ll also notice the doors dual layer cool glass panel which not only helps retain the heat within the ovens cavity while cooking but also as an extra safety feature the door can also be removed if you want to give it a thorough clean as we take a look inside the oven there are a total of five different shelf positions to help make cooking and grilling easier chef’s have provided this freestanding stove with two removable shelves a grill insert and a grill rack the white splash back and kick plate are included with the stove and they make it even easier to place in your home the front and rear feet are adjustable to this model has a 10 amp plug and lead and needs to be connected to natural gas a professional install is also required if you’re after a classic finished freestanding stove for your home that’s reliable and ideal for medium-sized households then look no further than this stove from chef

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