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Dishlex Dishwasher Model:DX203WK Detailed Video Review

Dishlex Dishwasher Model:DX203WK review

we’re looking at the dish likes rains dishwashers this particular series the two series comes in white and stainless steel finish now as you see the control is at the top here going from left to right on an off button and they’ve got five different settings on here from pots and pans wash normal quick wash that’s about thirty minutes going through rinse and a normal regular cycle all you lights here light up let you know which programs actually running at the time let’s have a quick look inside at the front here we have detergent dispenser and then rinse aid you do require a rinse aid that helps in the assisting of the drying cycle right at the very finish bottom rack normal plates here smaller plates at the front knives and forks here it’s a dedicated section play knives and forks so it doesn’t slide backwards and forwards on the upper rack again plates here cups sauces all here double racking at the top if you want to put plates or extra cups up the top and you’ve got the spray arms at the bottom as well as on the top and they do spray five ways as well

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  1. Wow. Thanks for showing me that there is an on off switch! This I’d hilarious, he couldn’t even fold down the “cup racks” which are actually wine glass holders.

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