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Fisher & Paykel 519L Fridge Model:E522BRE4 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 519L Fridge Model:E522BRE4 review

hi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we’re looking at the newupside-down fridge fries by Baikalit’s a 519 later totally frost free thisis made in a new Thailand factory it’s abeautiful fridge as you see it’s whitean appearance a little bit of acurvature on the front here a nice Dshaped handle it has got four wheels onit so you can actually move it intoposition and move it forward and back soif you do want to clean behind it it’lleasily move forward for you it isavailable in a write hinged as you seehere but we can also order it in theleft hinge white and also in a stainlesssteel finish let’s have a quick lookinside the fridge so straight away wesee beautiful LED lighting take a greatlighting all the way from top to bottomwe’ve got adjustable shelving on theside here it’s got three tempered glassshelves and they’re fully adjustable upand down you can use the top of the lidhere at the crisper for an extra storagespace so you can count that there’s alittle bit more extra storage forshowing down the bottom we have twocrispers the smaller one on theleft-hand side here and a large one onright that’s how easy glide citizen soyou can pull the crisper out towards yougiving you easy access to all your fruitand veggies they are totally removableso it makes it nice and easy to keepclean and put back into place at theback you’ll see our active smarttechnology what that means that machineactually delivers the right temperaturebetween the fridge and the freezer makesure that your food last longer it’s gotsensors and on microchip in there whichmonitors how often you open a closeddrawer to deliver the right temperatureto the fridge and the freezer sectionlet’s have a quick look at the controlpanel right hand psyching it it’selectronic control that gives you easyaccess to your fridge and freezertemperature settings simply depress thebutton months and we can set thetemperature using our plus and minus keyto change the temperature in the freezerpress again and now you’ve got controlthe fridge temperature and again useyour plus and minus key on the far righthand side here we’ve got a mode buttonfor a little alarm setting you can turnthe alarm on or off as you pleasedepress it for four seconds in a turnslamp on or off as you’re pulling downthe bottom here we’ve got a little keylock so if you don’t want kids playingaround with the temperature sitting upyou lets it all uphold the plus and minus taken for fourseconds and it locks in a child lockmodewe have a fast free so if you’re goingto buy both meats and Stuart Denleyfreezer it’ll go to opt-ins lowesttemperature and I’ll hold thattemperature for 12 hours once it reachesa 12 hour mode it’ll go back to itsnormal temperature we had a bottle chillthey should like wines put your wineinto the freezerit sets a 15 minute timer so when thattimer goes it’s just a reminder take thedrink out and it’s ready chilled if forthose who want a seventh mode it’s anice little feature hold in the minuskey the bell and a door in for fourseconds it actually turns the light upand holds that for 80 hours for youlet’s have a look some nice pictures inthe door panel here inside the fridge upthe top you’ve got two little dairycompartments up the top grateful youcheese and butters here we’ve got ourlittle egg tray you can take the eggtrays out it gives you more storagespace here for little knickknacksI’ve got two large shelves here this onehere is adjustable up and down here morestorage space at the bottom usually more- bigger maybe two litre bottles of milklet’s have a quick look inside thefreezer compartment down the bottom herewe can see see-through crispers let’spull these out towards it that an easyglide system although I’ve been on theright smaller one on the left-hand sidethey are removable so you can take thefood out and then clean your storiesbeing a beautiful easy glide system adeeper bin down the bottle through yourbulk chickens and heavy beefs and soforth and you’ve got a nice little easyglide one in the center easymanual ice cube makers here once you’vemade your ice cubes you can hold them ina little container down the bottom nicelittle flat storage compartment easieraccess there we have some great littlefeatures from our Fisher Paykel 519leader two-year warranty on all partsand labor I hope this video will assistyou when shopping with us here atappliances online and don’t forget toclick on the subscribe button to watchmore product reviews just like this onehi I’m Colin from appliances onlinetoday we look at the 7 kilo heat pumpdryer by Bosch this is coming out of anew factory in Poland heat pump driesuse 50 percent less energy than a normalconventional dryer let’s have a quicklook at the control panel starting overtop move our drain section when withheat pump dryers condense

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