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Electrolux 510L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:EBE5167SDRH Detailed Video Review

Electrolux 510L Bottom Freezer Fridge Model:EBE5167SDRH review

smart and sophisticated this fridge will look good in any contemporary kitchen design finished in stainless steel and featuring nice full width handles this refrigerator is definitely nice and easy on the eyes the water dispenser is a soft touch dispenser and does require plumbing so do make sure your plumbing is ready to go when purchasing the fridge section is jam-packed with amazing storage solutions including two half-wits deli compartments and two half with humidity crisper bins at the base of the fridge and to help guard against little accidents adjustable spill safe glass shelves are included there are also various sized door bins that help keep your eggs milk bottles and everything in between nicely organized and a slider way shelf just here that gives you extra storage options for your taller items in addition to all these great storage features this bridge also comes with a bottle cutting that will store your bottles of wine or cans of soda securely the fridge and freezer temperature controls are found just here on the inside wall of the fridge and the pin biltz fresh sense deodorizer has been designed to freshen the air inside the fridge we technology designed to absorb strong odors like seafood and cheese your fridge will always smell fresh now at the top of the fridge you’ll find the LED light which illuminates the fridge all the way through making viewing your foods and beverages simpler to keep your frozen food organized with ease 24 wit freezer drawers on telescopic extension slides are included and to make getting through hot summer days a little easier the freezer is equipped with an efficient compact automatic icemaker plus the ice is all stored in a handy extra large compartment the refrigerator itself is on adjustable rollers and also features a stabilizing foot to make placing the fridge in your home easier with smart functions such as quick freeze holiday mode and eco mode this fridge is a great high quality all-rounder for the home thanks so much for watching

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