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Electrolux EDEE63CS electric double wall oven with intuitive interface – Appliances Online

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they were looking at the Electrolux intuitive other eater base oven that’s their new electronic board that electrodes have designed and developed easy to use simple turn the button on networks controls for here upper and lower oven multifunction preset temperatures as we see they are adjustable we have them a cooking time which is also programmable now let’s have a look inside this oven large capacity 80 liters usable capacity has a telescopic runners there’s two of these it makes it easier for food slide in and out of the oven as you can see in the sides here we have soft cling liners also your clothes racks as well one piece easy clean glass single hinges on the side easy cleaning by removing the other panel here to get access to the glass which can be removed if you’re living in double oven we also have exactly a saying in a lower oven 80 liters fully usable telescopic runners adjustable shelving so you have 11 different positions within the two islands for manufacturer warning to use all parts and labor

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