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we’re going to look at Electrolux combination steam oven so if you’re looking for an other which is compact that does both normal cooking and steam cooking just to the oven for you I’m gonna lift here you’ve got a little reservoir for your water again simple easy touch controls here which operates with only your multi functions which has five functions for baking grilling fan-forced but also 12 preset functions for using the steam as well so you get the benefits of that nice juicy flavors as well as retaining the moisture and vitamins into the food professionals that know that 2 years and actually been using this type of cooking in their own restaurants so inside here we’ve got 31 liters of usable cooking space so as you see in here the comes with normal grill steam one-piece easy to clean you haven’t got the oils and fats around the oven it’s a simple wipe out that’s also assisted by the steam function as well that keeps the moisture that stops the grease from building up on the size and all the panels the door is also cool to touch as well and also Ben you’ve got that leftover foods if you want to reheat them they tend to dry out in the microwave but in here you plug in a stream and it’s like eating the fresh food or everything

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