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this is the Electrolux paralytic oven begin it with the intuitive of an interface control panel again that R is from the left-to-right easy to use against stainless steel mark free with the control panel as you see here we can easily go through the functions all lit up here free programming with again automatic cooking time with display digital clock single herbs can be wall mounted as you see it here what can go simply underneath the bench but now we’ll have a look inside the oven so here we see 80 liters usable capacity slide-out adjustable telescopic runners on both them there’s two of these there wire racks as well you notice on here the door seal itself is designed so it actually will accept high temperatures now this up will actually go to 500 degrees at that temperature you’re breaking down all the oils and fats it’ll create it into a dust and then you just give it a simple wipe out the door itself as you noticed is four layers of glass now that when s at high temperatures is very cool to touch great when kids it around

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