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Electrolux 4 door fridge Model:EQE6007 Detailed Video Review

Electrolux 4 door fridge Model:EQE6007 review

today we’re looking at the letter Luxeqe six zero zero seven it’s theside-by-sides 4-door top section is therefrigerator bottom six and is yourfreezer it is stainless steel all theway through see lots of pole handles allthe way down the hem G is hidden behindthe top tool here it goes all the way tothe top just keep in mind when you arebuying this unit is quite wide and verydeep it’s about 900 deep itself okay sojust make sure you’ve got plenty of roomthrough the doorway so entrances rightthrough to the actual final position ofthe French they’ve got plenty of room tostore the chena now let’s have a lookinside so notice it’s nice and wideinside so if you’ve got big platters orparty times plenty of room inside thefridge plenty of lighting all the waythrough from top to bottom three bigstorage compartments for your fruit andveg here at the bottom tempered glassshelves all the way through adjustableshelving plenty of shoving on the sidehere as well from storage for yourbutter and cheeses right through toultra large contained here on the sideof the door which take your four litercontainers as well let’s have a lookdownstairs as well so here we are downthe freezer compartmentnow there’s two easy opening doors givesyou full access into your freezercompartment left hand so I got threenice big storage compartments here twoon the right hand side we have a twistice-making machine – it isn’t manual soyou fill containers up here twist andthe ice falls into your container at thebottom gives you easy access into yourice cubes slightly above that you mightsee a control panel here it is when it’son LED display and adjustable setting

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