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Electrolux 680L French Door Fridge Model:EQE6807SD Detailed Video Review

Electrolux 680L French Door Fridge Model:EQE6807SD review

this size of affordable fridge from Electrolux has a capacity of 680 litres which is more than enough to keep a large family well-fed the eq e6 8:07 SD has a stainless steel finish which will look good in most kitchens especially alongside other stainless steel appliances because this is such a big fridge it’s especially important that you check your measurements before you buy and make sure it will fit in your kitchen leaving a little extra room available for ventilation also check that the doors and hallways in your home are wide enough to fit this fridge through to avoid any problems with delivery as you can see the appliance is divided into the upper fridge and lower freezer sections both with stylish door handles and there’s a divider in-between which is home to the fridges electronic control panel where you can set the best temperature for each section and use its other clever features such as the quick chill or bottled chill alarm opening up the upper fridge section you’ll see the glass shelves which go the width of the fridge leaving plenty of room to store your food there are a few different height options available for these shelves as well so you can more efficiently arrange your food and drink the doors also have several shelves available at different heights for keeping bottles cans and jars handy as well as dairy items and eggs underneath the fridge shelving where you normally find the crisper bin are for clear drawers some of these drawers can be used for keeping fruit and veggies nice and fresh but others are made for chilling meat fish and other deli items just check the labels to confirm the best locations for storing different food types the freezer section down the bottom is divided into several clear drawers in different sizes which keep your frozen foods nicely organized in among these drawers are two sets of twists ice makers which allow you to prepare entire trays of ice cubes with just the turn of a dial using these is easy to prepare a nice big stash of ice cubes to enjoy whenever you like

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