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Electrolux 4 door fridge Model:ESE6107 Detailed Video Review

Electrolux 4 door fridge Model:ESE6107 review

today we’re looking at the lectureseries e se 6107 it’s the stainlesssteel fridge it is Mark Korea stainlesssteel in front whole handles from top tobottom very strong nice squared-offedges here let’s have a look inside onthe left hand side we’ve got ourprosperi freezer from top to bottom fulladjustable shelves the ice making hereis done by twist I cities manual okay soyou need to fill it up twist action andthe ice would drop in TK at the bottomtempered glass shelves all the waythrough nice and strong baskets down thebottom you’ve got three big storagecontainers here this see-through easyglide as well you can actually removethem if you want to down through thisfreeze on the left-hand side you gotstorage containers here from top tobottom there’s plenty of room there foryour packets of frozen veg as well let’shave a look inside the fridge itself atthe top here we’ve got a full containerhere lift up different shelving in herefor your different sort of butters thatyou can actually carry adjustableshelving right throughout the wholefridge drawer here from top to bottomLED lighting nice and energy efficiencyhere LED display here at the back of hiselectronic so you can adjust the fridgeand freeze the temperature you actuallyhad a quick view you’ll see whattemperature is in both sections at thetop tempered glass shelf it is a splitshop so you can easily slide that backgives you plenty of room here if you’regoing to put those big containers oreven wine contains there as well eggshopping here as well you can move thataround tempered glass all the waythrough adjustable and three big storagebin say again plenty of room for yourfruit and veg

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