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EOC627S 600mm/60cm Chef Electric Wall Oven reviewed by expert – Appliances Online

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hi I’m Colin from Sciences online today we’re having a look at the chef’s single oven the model you see here is in stainless steel finish it’s also available in a white finish let’s have a look at the control panel here from left to right on the far side with a tad dial selector we swing that to the right and we’ve got their light on then we go into a defrost so it’s a nice slow gentle defrosting function instead of using your microwave you can defrost your food in here then we go around it to your oven temperature selection and then on the far top side we have our grill setting on the right hand side here we have our timer it’s a manual time it’s a ringer timer it’s a 30-minute timer the handle itself this is like a d-shaped handle it’s a metal finish but it’s got a great tinged to it it feels quite sturdy and strong let’s have a quick look inside the oven once we open the door we sits a nice one-piece glass nice and easy to keep clean there are two layers of glasses there so it keeps the heat inside in the oven make it nice and cool on the outside the hinging will see down here it’s a single hinge that gives you a nice smooth operation when you’re opening and closing the door having a quick look inside the oven it’s quite a large opening we have an 80 litre oven it’s quite a big oven for single ovens these days we have five different positions on the side here it’s got different levels here to adjust your racking but two wire racks we’ve got your grill which also doubles as your baking tray there were some beautiful little features there we’ll just close that up the measurements here are five ninety five by five ninety five you can install this flush mounted to your cupboard or you have it matter proud the oven that stuff is hard wide it’s 2.3 kilowatts and needs to be hardwired with your lek trician we have two year warranty on all parts and labor I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button to watch more product reviews just like this one hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we look at the seven kilo heat pump dryer by Bosch this is coming out of a new factory in Poland heat pump dries use 50 percent less energy than a normal conventional dryer let’s have a quick look at the control panel starting at the top we have our drain section when with heat pump dryers condense

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