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hi I’m caller from appliances online today we look at the shift single oven with separate grill it’s their 80 litre capacity oven let’s have a look at the control panel here with their control knob here we have our defrost section so when we move that round it’s a nice slow gentle defrost so if you want to defrost something nice and slowly and gently you can use that setting here let me go around they have got a nice little keep warm function so when you’re finished cooking put it on the keep warm function it just keeps it nice and warm let me go around further we have our normal temperature settings in the center we have our grilled temperature setting so we got a variable temperature from low right up to a high setting and on the far right hand side here we have a 60-minute manual time it’s a ringer timer so let’s have a quick look inside the oven here it’s a big 80 litre capacity so inside here we have our wire rack we’ve got five different levels we have our grill come baking tray all nice rounded edges here on the side here it’s all enameled it’s a fan force oven and we have nice even cooking right through the whole oven from top to bottom that’s the beautiful effect with fan for cooking nice even cooking on the front here with our single hinging it gives a nice smooth operation when you’re opening and closing your doors and we notice it’s one piece glass nice and easy to keep clean you can take the trim off the side here to remove the inner glass panel to take it over to the sink and wash it up inside here we have it little vents and keeps the door nice and cool two layers of glass and it keeps the heat in with in the oven itself let’s have a quick look inside the grill compartment pull the door down it’s a nice firm metal handle on front it’s like a d-shaped handle its silver infant appearance quite sturdy we’ve got a glass panel on front here now when you’re grilling you must keep the door open if you do forget this a little warning on the frontier leave door open was grilling with their grilling inside the oven at three variable positions from upper middle and lower position so you can raise your food up and down as you please it’s nice and curved on the inside here it’s all and then we’ll finished so it’s nicely easy to keep nice and clean this particular model here we see is stainless steel but also evolving a white finish they are a hardwired oven they’re four point five kilowatts are hard-wired to you already on all parts and labor I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget to click on this great button to watch more productive use just like this one hi I’m colorful appliances online today we look at the 7 kilo heat pump dryer by Bosh this is coming out of their new factory in Poland heat pump tries to use 50 cent less energy than a normal conventional dryer let’s have a quick look at the control panel starting other topics we have our drainage section when with heat pump dryers condense

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