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Expert describes the easy to use 60cm Westinghouse POR667S electric wall oven – Appliances Online

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we’re looking at the Westinghouse Jhpiego r66 7s also available in quiet and stainless steel from the control panel from left to right we have a multi-function selector as we move a clockwise to the right we’re going to fan force mode we have top and bottom elements so it’s a slow gentle cooking traditional grilling cheese on toast fan grilling and then back to a defrost and then back to the off position the clock is a semi-automatic so you can program it to cook for about an hour hour and a half and then switch off and then you’ve got your thermostat setting here on the right all the Westinghouse raised does come to the two-year factory warranty again we see one piece glass door single hinges that’s nice and easy to open the features inside we have full tray for grilling or baking your wire rack is gone or mr. Craig down the bottom again full line inside no seams new joins so it’s nice and easy to clean I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at applied sunlight you hi I’m Colin from plants online today we look at the single oven here made by shift stainless steel finish let’s have a look at some nice features of this unit looking at the door handle itself

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