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hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re going to see no love and stainless steel multi-function oven they settle got some nice features here nice firm handle a little bit of stainless steel around the outside nice big viewing window in the center reduced triple glazed door on the front keeps it nice and cool on the outside reflects all the heat back into the oven one piece glass that’s easy to maintain and keep clean single hinging so it gives you a nice smooth door operation here as well looking at the control panel from left to right it’s your multifunction selector on the far left hand side as we go to the right its fans forced fan grilling traditional grilling a defrost function just the light on and then back to off it’s a red LED display right in the center it’s nice and clear has a clock time around here as well thermostats sitting on the right hand side so it goes right around 250 degrees 67 liter oven capacity it’s a big urban capacity to yrx a normal trade and at ultra deep tray underneath and has a divider under here as well so you can actually split your grilling you have one side grilling or on both sides makes it easier also with those two split trays to take them out put them straight to your dishwasher nice and easy to keep clean we have an eco clean panel on the roof and let the back of the unit itself what that does is it keeps the oven nice and clean it means that that side walls here simple wipe down no sharp edges it’s a rolled finish hung here on the sides leaving some nice features with our bosch oven the unit itself is 595 wide and high meant to be installed nice and flush with your cupboards it is hardwired the electrician needs to bring the wire into the unit and power up itself there we have bosch single oven stainless steel multi-function 2 year warranty on all parts and labor I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at applied sun line you hi I’m Colin from plants online today we’re looking at the boss single oven for multifunction settings let’s have a quick look at the front here it’s a nice sturdy grip handle it has got three

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