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hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re looking at the bosch dual fuel upright stove it’s six burners on top with electric oven underneath with the six burners we’ve got the wok burner on the far side that comes with a little walk cradle as well take the block cradle off and you use that as your high speed burner you got flames coming up through the side as well as around the middle put the cradle and back in place and you put your wok on there do your stir-fry line comes up from the sides and around the middle as well it’s a nice quick even cooking the configuration we’ve got here is the wok burner high speed burner to normal and to simmer burners each one has electronic ignition so when you depress the button in the front push it in it sparks each burner releases the gas from the one you want lights are flying for you and there’s simply no release each one has a little flame failure on it as well what that does is it detects if the fire goes out if the flame goes out it simply turns the gas off each one of the burners can be simply washed into the dishwasher or you can wash them up by hot soapy water in the sink so we put them back together back in the place and they’re ready to use a little table we have here goes over your smaller burners so if you go you do your coffee pot cooking simply put your coffee pot over there away we go the cast iron burners themselves still nice and firm nice and smooth easy to keep clean too big for the dishwasher hot soapy water the sink and I’ll bring them up good as new down the bottom you see heat-resistant grommets what that does is when it’s put in the place when you’re using it it stops the basement ring scratch – marked down the back here we’ve got a little splash back for little screws which are already in place take them out your sippy insert them here that keeps it nice and firm in position what it does all the heat coming from the back of the unit comes past through here up through the back it comes up underneath a range hood and all the heat odor smoke and smells exhaust to the outside rearrangement let’s have a quick look at the control panel at the front study from the far left hand side we’ve got our digital clock it’s a nice clean display with automatic timer as well as you can program the government to come on cook and switch off for you next one here we’ve got a thermostat setting and then we got our lake multi functions select up super-slick which function you want on the far right hand side you see little indicators here at a glance tosia witchburn is going to be used so silly he pressed the control button turn it it lights and then just simply release looking at the door itself nice big large door nice firm handle pull that down towards you it’s got a nice feel to it we’ve got the hinging here the twin King G large viewing window in the middle it’s one piece glass so it’s nice and simple to keep clean nice easy access straight through the oven itself you can see through the back here we’ve got right and left hand side we’ve got self cleaned liners so that keeps having nice and clean any or spatter of oil guys on those walls the liner it simply burns them away inside the oven here you see a wire rack your tray which is a grill come baking tray it’s a huge ninety eight litres single fan at the back there nice seal all the way around so it gives you a nice tight seal there when the doors closed down the bottom underneath the door we’ve got a nice little feature here’s a storage compartment so any trays that you’re not using simply go straight underneath and can be hidden out of the way by closed at all now down the bottom it does come with adjustable feet there’s four which are included inside of the packaging simply take them out screw the new the base they are adjustable up and down so it gives you more or less height there before you electrician it comes with the 15 amp plug and lead supply with it and for the plumber on the top right hand side it comes with his own regulator and the guest connection is simply here on the right hand side top section there we have our Bosch fuel fill upright stove to you right here on all parts and labor I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and don’t forget to click on the subscribe button for more product reviews hi Colin from appliances online today we look at this make 60 centimeter jewel for your upright stove let’s ever lose some nice little features with this particular unit the unit comes standard as a natural gas you can convert it to LP there is a little kit which you get supply with it it has little brass injectors here and the plumbing needs to convert it over from

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