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today we’re looking at the Omega freestanding Ramsey Oh f 601 X’s ed let’s have a look at the configuration while copying cast iron trivets so the nice and strong heavy the configuration you have here we have the WAP burns and front left – nice burners on the back and a similar to the front now they are electronic ignition so here we have electronic spark here we have flame detection as well so after fire goes out you’ll actually turn the flame off all these parts are dishwasher safe as well looking at the control panel from left to right we have our temperature setting we have multifunction setting for the oven go through the functions here we have fan-forced a baker’s function fan grilling traditional grill classic top and bottom and then we have vapor cleaner I’ll go through that one in a minute and then back to offsetting LED control panel here with electronic clock timer and your four controls which operate the cooktop above it is a push ignition okay sets the spark and then you open the valve here let’s look at the oven itself we’ve got full-length handle two layers of glass on the inside again one piece glass here so it makes it nice and easy to keep clean as well oven full seal oven as well they don’t know you know joins nice and numbing two racks a glide out telescopic rail here as well so again it brings all the food out towards it makes it easier for getting the food in and out of the oven right deep tray with grill and grill handles so you can actually get the food in and out of the oven with the vape clean the small amount of water at the bottom in a little bit of detergent about 40 mils here and it is spray bottle spray around the inside of the oven we need to take all the trays out as well clean them up as normal once you’ve done that close the door set your oven temperature on a low setting for about 15 minutes they’ll break down all the oils and fats the water will come down at the bottom here and then you just give it a simple clean out the front stainless steel cool to touch again we have the panel down the bottom here here which is kick plate that comes with it and the feet are adjustable up and down so you can make that height to whatever suits you for your bench height there are two year warranty with all hearts and labor for your Lucretia there are 15 amp hardwired as well

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