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Samsung 350L Fridge Model:SRL349MW Detailed Video Review

Samsung 350L Fridge Model:SRL349MW review

hi I’m Colin from plants online todaywe’re looking at the Samsung Sol 349 MWthis is their bottom mount fridge that’sheld up some nice features with thisparticular unit from the outside inclassic white lovely molded handle soit’s got easy grips on it let’s have aquick look on the inside starting fromthe top game for the bottom we’ve gotelectronic controls which operate thetemperature to fridge and freezer LEDlighting so they get great lighting allthe way through from top to bottom atthe top here with a spill proof shopsthey’re tempered glass beautiful littlewine rack which you can slide from sideto side the EZ glide shelf that’s a nicelittle feature by Samsung you can put alight large platters on there put themin here and bring food out towards youyou don’t have to actually reach intothem tempered glass shelf here you caneven use the Shelf here for extra spaceon top of the crisper the crisper itselfyou can see here straight through niceand clear it’s a deep story it’s beenfor all your fruit and veggies nowlooking onto the sides of our door herewe’ve got plenty of room up here forstorage from cheese and dairy nicelittle egg tray which we move from theshovel to inside the fridge gives youplenty of room here these shelves areadjustable that gives you more heighthere for large and bottle it’ll take agood sized two to four liter bottleinside let’s have a look at the freezerit’s a nice firm grip handle on the sidehere down here we’ve got three largebins nice and clear so you can seewhat’s inside the freezer box itself andit’s just as simple as slide them outthat’s an easy glide system so you canput your large bowl frozen food in hereat the top you’ll see a little containerhere for your manual icemaker to twistice as well and that’s our bottom outfridge from Samsung 350 liters frostfree 2 year warranty on all parts oflabor this does have a digital invertermotor so it gives you 10 years warrantyon that little saves on electricity aswell hope you found this video helpfulwhen shopping with us here thatappliances onlineyouhi I’m Colin appliances online todaywe’re looking at the WB 4300 WB r nowthis right

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  1. Thanks for the review.  Just purchased this fridge in New Zealand 🙂  This video helped a lot in deciding on different models.

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