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Westinghouse 430L Fridge Model:WBM4300WBRH Video Review

Westinghouse 430L Fridge Model:WBM4300WBRH review

hi I’m Colin appliances online todaywe’re looking at the wpm 4300 wbr nowthis is the right-handed version of thismodel it also comes in a left hingeversion classic white moulded handsabsolutely beautiful fridge let’s have alook at some nice features on the insidewe’re starting at the top here we’ve gotthe incandescent globeso it’s shines light all the way throughfrom top to bottom at the back you cansee it controls it’s a manual controland that separate temperature for fridgeand freezer and it’s as simple as a turnthe dial up or down to select yourtemperature at the top here you can seethe chill stream that moves air rightthrough out the door here through littlevents through here and then back throughit circulates the air evenly throughoutthe fridge so you don’t get any unevencool spots throughout the fridgelooking at the gush you’ll see we gotthree tempered glass those they arefully adjustable from top to bottomthere’s a spill proof shot it means thatanything does fall over you can simplywipe it up little egg trays a nicelittle accessory here and you can putthat anywhere throughout the fridge andyour nice little wine rack here so youput your bowls of wine here and movethat throughout the fridge the crisperdrawer here is quite large it’s onepiece there’s no little divider so itmeans you can put all your bogvegetables in there or you have fullcelery looking at your door here on theside starting at the top you’ve got yourcheese and dairy compartment a littlestore safe so if you want to put tabletsor medicines away you can simply lockthat here and stop the kids from gettinginto it we have adjustable shelvingright throughout the whole fridge doorso you can move those shelves up anddown the two low ones are quite deep soyou can put your 2 or 4 litre bottles inthere those little fingers in here whenyou do raise it up and these smallerbottles in there it’ll stop them fromfalling out let’s have a quick lookinside the freezer compartment so herewe can see three large bins two deepones down the bottom and that’s whereyour large vault food down here and easyglide system – that moves quite wellthis middle one here is got an extracontainer here now that is for yourtwist ice dispenser it’s a manual icemaker so when you fill that up and it’smade of ice simply turn the dial to theright it twists the container anddispenses the ice in in your storagecontainer here a little group isprovided so it makes it easy to accessyour ice cubes and on the top right handside a little storage area for a littleknick-knack area for your frozen foodsso that’s our 430 litre bottom outfridge from Westinghouse I hope you findthis video very helpful for you whenshopping with us here at appliancesonlineyou

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