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Samsung 450L Fridge Model:SRL449EW Detailed Video Review

Samsung 450L Fridge Model:SRL449EW review

hi I’m Callum compliances online todaywe’re looking at samsung s Tyrell for490 W that’s their bottom mount fridgeat the front here we’ve got a lovelyclassic white new pole handles would gofrom top to bottom all the way throughso it’s nice and firm easy to grab onthe side we’re textured metal and that’squite a strong finish on the outsidehere let’s have a quick look on theinside on the sides here straight awaywe see beautiful LED lighting thattravels all the way down from top tobottom so it gives you great lighting onthe inside at the top here but temperedglass shelves all the way through isthree lots of shelving here they haven’tgot that much adjustment with them we’vegot a wine rack here so easy to storeyour wines in we’ve got a split shelfhere so when you slide that back itgives you more room at the front forlarge bulky items clear see-through binat the bottom that’s for your all yourvegetables and it’s one piece there’s nolittle divider in the center so it’seasy to put your large salaries in therewe have a deodorizer at the back so whenit’s moving here all the way throughit’ll leak deodorize any car smellswithin the actual fridge itself lookingat the door here on the side we’ve gotegg trays which you leave here or youcan put them anywhere within the fridgewe have adjustable showing all the waythrough large deep storage bins on theside here which would take 2 2 or 4litre bottles at the very top you’llnotice that they’ve now gone to an LEDdisplay and it’s touch control whichgives you the temperature of fridge andfreezer looking inside our freezer herewe can see three large storage bins twolarge ones at the bottom and a small onthe top right hand side this sectionhere gives you a twist icemaker it’s amanual icemaker so simply fill up thecontainer once it’s made its eyes simplyturn the dial to the right and itdispense your ice guarantee containerdown the bottom here so it makes iteasier to get to and that’s our samsungfrost free fridge I hope this video hashelped you make your decision whenshopping with us here at appliancesonlineyouplants online today we’re looking at thesamsung s tyrell 349 MW this is theirbottom mount fridge this held with somenice features

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