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Electrolux 510L Fridge EBM5100SDRH Detailed Video Review

Electrolux 510L Fridge EBM5100SDRH Detailed review

hi I’m Colin from planters online todaywe’re looking at the Electrolux EBM 5100 STR does come in a write hinge asyou see here and also a bubble in a lefthinge opening door let’s start with somefeatures on the front here mark 3stainless steel on both upper and lowersections full pole handle so it doesn’tmatter what hiked about getting easy tobe able to grab the handles for openingthe door the cabinet itself is a silvergray color and it just plugs into anormal power point let’s have a quicklook inside the unit from top to bottomwe have our manual controls whichoperates a separate fridge and freezertemperature simply move the dial toright or left to adjust the temperatureup and down glass shelving the temperedglass shoving spill-proof so if anythingdoes fall over simply just mop it up theshelf here is a split shelf so you’regonna put a large item in the front hereit gives you easier access and betterstorage facility if you want to makethis a full shelfsimply slide the shop forward and lockit in position the shelving beingtempered glassthese shelvings are fully adjustablefrom top to bottom the littleaccessories you see here here’s your eggtray and we’ve got a little wine storiescolder which you can move from shelf toshelf down the bottom we have four fourstorage bins too deep and too shallowbins that’s where your flat feeder atthe top here for easy storage and downthe bottom here bulky Fifi andvegetables celery’s and so forth on theside of the door here you got butterdairy compartments you got shelving herewhich is adjustable and nice big deepstorage being down the bottom that willhold your large four liter bottles let’shave a quick look down at the bottom ofthe freezer compartment now when we openthat up we see you spread away two largedeep storage bins down the bottom nowthis one here we pull that out that’sgot a nice little tray in here andthat’s for your twist ice now to operatethat some manual icemaker so you fill upin here and when it’s actually made yourice twist to the right we will dispensestraight of the container the bottom sothat’s our little X upside down fridgetotally frost free mark free stainlesssteel 2-year warranty on all parts andlabor I hope this video will assist youwith your purchase when shopping here atappliances onlineyouplants online today we’re looking at thesamsung s tyrell 349 MW this is theirbottom mount fridge this held with somenice features

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