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Fisher & Paykel 519L 3 Door Fridge Freezer Model:RF522ADUX1 Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 519L 3 Door Fridge Freezer Model:RF522ADUX1 review

so able to be at the Fisher PaykelFrench store the RF 522 8 D UX 1 nowthis is the gas smart fridge French doorbecame it’s 795 so it’s not as wide assome of the other models in their rangequite compact again with these fridgesgive yourself plenty of air space aroundcould say 20 mil all the way aroundthough they need to be plumbed in soagain coming ready that does have yourice or water dispenser on there as wellso here we have flat door stainlesssteel designer handles that will matchtheir ovens as well as their dishwasherswith the icemaker here we’ve gotcontrolling the temperature here clickthe button an LED control here you seethe bottle display here with temperatureor actually has time sorry about my timeand we can change that setting here withtouchable buttons going through to thenext section that’s like the fast freeso if you’re going to fill up thefreezer full of bulky fresh food youwant to snap freeze it that’s thesetting to use going across again to theright you’ve got the French and freezertemperature you can adjust thetemperature as well for both sectionsthen going into your ice again on or offwith the ice dispenser and you’re goinginto the scenes you could actually turnthat chime off that you can hear as wellit’s just a little quick controller hereoperates your dispenser for your waterlet’s have a quick look inside now Frankstorm means we can actually put largepotatoes in this okay plenty of room inV for larger platters for you to lovethe entertaining typical of shops allthe way through from top to bottomLED lighting again very energy-efficientthat’s great news for Fisher Paykelwe have adjustable shelving rightthroughout from top to bottom one againthis little trays here again for yourbottles and actually stored here movethem around from shelf to shelf wellthey do lock in at the back as well lookat the bottom here we have a fullcrisper again you can see with twoindividual separate containers here nowthey can be totally removed for cleaningas well they’re going through the sidedoor here from top to bottom again buildof adjustment they said you just shelvesit gameswhich actually locks into place to stopyour large bottles from falling out upherebarbaric apartments on the left-handside never exactly the same all the waythrough let’s move on down to thefreezer to show the freeze downstairslet’s have a quick look at this out thefreezer again slide out draw deepstorage bins down the bottom for yourbulk food an easy glide on the seconddrawer here again largest section heresmall compartment here in ice dispenserhere now the ice itself in a hole andyou get a little scoop with it to scoopthe ice out as well there’s pretty mucha French door fridge by FISH if I killagain stainless steel at the front marknew stainless steel designer handles andthat will match and compliment there asthey range

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