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Bosch Dishwasher With Water-Saving Tech Model:SMS40M02AU Detailed Video Review

Bosch Dishwasher With Water-Saving Tech Model:SMS40M02AU review

hi I’m Colin from Sciences online today we’re looking at the bosch SMS 40 M 0 to a youth this is their classic white push-button control and with the world connectors at the back they’re a single hose connection now the hose connection will go on to the cold water connection it’s got an anti flood device on or aqua stop if you have any internal problems with the water inlet it’ll actually cut the water off the mains and stop any need or flooding the connection to your power supply is at any unplug early so simply plug that into your powerpoint so when you’re looking for your power cord it’ll be located in two positions either on the back of the machine in a plastic wrap or inside the machine let’s have a quick look at the control panel from a left to right first here we have a power on button so here’s right away we’ve got pots and pans wash we’ll go to auto 45 65 degrees eco cycle and we’ve got a quick wash and when you pressure pots and pans wash that’s a long cycle at a high temperature we can speed that cycle up by hitting the various beef and straight away you can see that the time has changed so at a glance we’ve seen now it’s an hour thirty five but what you’re doing there you’re sacrificing your power consumption you’ll actually use more energy to get the same wash result so you know either have the Vario on or Vario off the button here is a half load option so that allows you to washing the top bottom or in both sections and work out how much more to use depending on what your washing inside but here is your eco wash program and then you’ve got a quick wash program at 45 degrees now with the Bosch they’ll actually heat it up in the final rinse to fifty degrees and give you a proper dry most machines there at our drive when you’re looking at the quick wash cycle you can delay the start up to 24 hours in one-hour increments and then hit start button let’s have a quick look inside it’s a it’s a grip so a nice firm grip pull down towards you moving over the door first thing we see is the detergent dispenser and the rinse aid dispenser now this machine will allow you to use tablets or normal powder you can put your rinse aid through here fill the container up and it will dispense 5 cc of rinse aid through the final rinse make sure everything’s nice and sparkly and clean let’s have a quick look at the top basket there’s a hand grip here pull out to order now you can adjust this bass go up and down in three positions simply depress the tongs here and lower down it gives you more high to the upper basket the tree here you see on the far left-hand side you can put your sharp utensils in like steak knives to simply lay them down it gives them a nice clean wash if you don’t want that you can simply remove it over here if you want a double stack we can double stack here or an up position to give you a warm room here or if that’s your wine glasses with high necks on them simply put them in here and that holds them nice and firm now the little rack here it’s a slightly different color to the others we can actually lay this down and gives you more room about odd-shaped dishes now a lot of people say what is this they tend to throw this away but actually what call it a hedgehog now it sounds a strange name but you simply put that in the back of machine now if you’re going to use the machine for cleaning your Rex in the oven you would take this upper basket out close it up suits your racks in here and the water will come from the back as well as underneath a great feature there’s no one out there doing it like Bosch this little feature now down the bottom here we slide the Basques out it’s a nice easy glide we have two tongs at the back here but you can lay down so if you’re going to have that odd shaped rectangle dish will pots and pans it gives you more room here in the bottom basket plates here the cutlery basket here you know either put your cutter in individually well if you’re one of those ones who want a bulk stack put the flap to the side and allows you to bulk stack your knives and forks now inside I can see a bit of moisture and wash pre-testing units so don’t be alarmed about seeing a bit of moisture in there watch that go for quality control when they’re testing all their machines there we have it now Bosch dishwasher forwarding place setting 2 year guarantee on all parts and labor I hope you find this video helpful when buying from us here at appliances online you hi I’m a column for appliances online today we’re living in a new dishwasher on Samsung the DW FG 725 it’s a in ox

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