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hi I’m Colin from appliances online today with the shift upright gas stove 540 white or white this particular model here is got a couple of nice accessories let’s start with the gas regulator that comes supplied standard with this machine and the other option your here it’s a little splash back you can install it as you see it here and tile right up to the edge or if not more like a free-standing model attach that to the back and you can either tile here or leave it completely open at the back of unit you’ve got your natural gas connection now looking at the top of the cooktop itself we’ve got four burners on top we’ll get a large burn at the front right to normal and a simmer now if the trivet itself a little rubber grommets that raise it off the top of the surface here protects it from scratching and marking nice smooth finish easy to keep nice and clean you could put them in the dishwasher they’re light enough or hot soapy water in the sink now each of these burners can come off pretty easy clean you can wash them hot soapy water or put them straight into the dishwasher now it is a manual ignition with this critical unit too I’ll show you the front of the control panel let’s have a little quick look here we have please electrician to grill as well as oven simply depress the button it throws a spark at and lights the burner for you and like on top here we have to light that manually so use a gas gun or a match up on top with each control knob here tells you which one you’re going to ignite so simply push in release the gas and light it with a gas gun on match with our grill we simply open the door open the valve for the gas depress the button throws a spark at and lights the burner for you you’ve got three different levels in there for doing your grilling also keep in mind you must keep the door open whilst grilling unless that excess heat come out through the front moving down to our oven section its piezo ignition so every time you depress the button throws the spark out and lights the burner for you so a quick look inside B oven capacity 80 liters in total we have two wire racks supply with it there’s no deep pan it is just a basic oven and then finished all the way around there’s no sharp edges it’s got a nice roll finish on here so it’s nice and easy to keep clean just simply wipe it down at the front two layers of glass you can take the panels out and keep it nice and clean just take the door panels off and take that over to your sink for cleaning single dingy it gives it a nice smooth operation nice big deep shape handle here at the front it’s white enameled kind of nice firm feel to it and nice and easy to clean there we have 2 year warranty on our gas upright stove 540 wide by chef made locally here in Australia I hope this video will assist you when making your selection when shopping with us here at appliances online you hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re going to make 600 wide guest upright stove looking at what comes with it we’ve got here our guess regulator they come

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