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hi I’m Colin for appliances online today we’re looking at the 90 centimeter or gas upright by Amelia with the gas connections upper back the gas Inlet is at the back top corner here just on the far right hand side the connection at the back is a 10 amp power point so simply place into your power point that runs all your electronic ignition to all your burners here and the grill and fan at the top here looking at the configuration we have five burners in total we have the high speed burner on the front we have two normal burners a simmer and a wok burner so it gives you a lot of heat through the middle and up through the side so great for doing your big pan or wok stir fry cooking the top here they’re cast-iron they have got people resistant grommets on them lift it off the surface and protects it and stops it from scratching and marking now each of your burners can come off simply wash them out in hot soapy water or you can put them in a dishwasher nice and easy to keep clean he would see the electronic ignition that’s sitting in a button at the front throws a spark out and we’re like each individual burner for years they just simply turn the knob on release the gas press the button and away we go each upright stove comes supplied as natural gas now if you do want to change it to bottled gas or LPG in a packaging supplied with the unit these little brass injectors now that’s done by your plumber at the time of installation he takes the natural gas injectors out and replace it with the LPG ones so this applied no charge with the unit as well as your gas regulator that’s supplied with it as well so no need to go search you could put these in the store comes with it in the packaging let’s have a quick look at the front of the oven now starting with right down the bottom the feet are adjustable they come supply their individual feeds which you need to screw on they come supplied inside the oven down the bottom here we’ve got a storage compartment simply slide that down you cannot hide away section put all your shelves and that inside up here we’ve got the door handle it’s a nice firm grip pull that down towards you it’s a one-piece glass so it’s nice and easy to keep clean inside here we’ve got accessories such as your full grill tray two wire racks you can slide that out Grill on here or use that as a deep pan it’s a nice big 116 litres capacity inside single hinging so it’s nice and easy smooth operation you can use the oven with or without the grill and so if you’re doing what they call the fan grilling you suit me the button the fan comes on and it’s a 10 amp grill so that’s a low what is growing as we go through the control panel here we’ve got buttons here from the fan switch so you can use it with or out the fans are conventional or fan assisting and here we have our light switch so it’s a nice energy-saving features they can have a delight on or off as you please this one here is electronic ignition so when you want to ignite the top here simply depress the button throws a spark out and lights the burners and then our next one here is our grill button so when you want to use the grill with the way at the fan you depress those two buttons down to have a fan grilling function as you go from our control panel from left to right each one’s religion know which burn are going to ignite so if you want to light your burner here you press down unlocks it and then simply press the ignition switch here that’s throws a spark out to the burner and lights the burner for you with your knob here it’s a thermostat setting and that’s for your oven so simply turn that around clockwise set your setting and away you go on the far right hand side you should clock timer display so Sumika press that it has a plus or minus key to set your functions there we have our Emilia 900 wide guest upright stove 2 year warranty made in Italy I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here that appliances online you hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we make 600 wide guest upright stove looking at what comes with it we’ve got here now guess regulator they come

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