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hi I’m Colin from appliances online today really all guess upright made by gyro make some of the accessories that come with it when you open it up you’ve got your gas regulator that comes supplied with it that’s inside the box down the side in the bottom drawer you’ll find this little panel here that’s your back panel here it sits at the back allows it to the oven will be finished off nice and neat for you you can tile up to here or tile flush here at the back so you’ve got a couple of options looking at the connections at the back we have two inlets one either side so it makes it easy for your plumber to install down the back in the bottom left hand corner you can have connection so it just means the normal power point plug it in and generate your power look at the top here we have nice enamel trivets they’re quite firm this shiny smooth and easy to clean simply wash them up with hot soapy water at the top here we can see four burners one large to small medium sized burners and a similar one on the far back left-hand quarter they are electronic ignition so you can see here electronic ignition here simply depress the button up front each one will spark and you can like each burner individually these are easy to wash hot soapy water in the sink there’s simply put these back now and we’ll have a quick look at the control panel at the front here in ocean control panel from the left-hand side here is your oven control so it blooms that city and you got two four controls here that operates each one individually you can see by the little indicator here simply at a glance that tells you which one’s going alive which burner on the far right use electronic ignition so when you want to light the top push the button it throws a spark out and then lights the gas burner for you it’s as simple as that let’s have a quick look inside the oven at the front you’ll notice a nice bowed handle it’s easy to grip nice and easily cleaned double glazed door on the front down further notice that we have a storage drawer and we slide that forward gives you access to put all your racks inside here one thing you do notice in here but this little Testament here is a heat card I’ll show you where that goes when using your grill simply to heat garden here it’s installed there it protects the knob from any excess heat from the grill when using the grill so inside here straight away a nice rubber seal a Texas nice and firmly against the glass here insight nice big opening easy to clean that’s all enamel finish two wire racks we’re going to trade here for biscuits or scones and without a drilled baking dish here as well on the sides will notice there’s like a furry substance that’s just so clean line it so any spatter from oils and fats they go onto the sidewalls hip that liner actually burned away so it makes it easier to keep it over nice and clean one of the other accessories you have with the oven is we have a little attachment here it’s your grill handle simply attaches to the front of your grill tray makes it nice and easy to slide the tray in and out then we have some extra nice features with the 50 centimeter all gasp uprights doke by um a 2 year warranty on all parts and labor I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online you hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we look at this make 600 wide guest upright stove looking at what comes with it we’ve got here I’ll guess regulator they come

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