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hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re going to make 600 wide guest upright stove looking at what comes with it we’ve got here our guess regulator they come supplied with it so then you going out and buying another one it comes supply with every Smeg product this one here is your tool that you use for the grill handle so simply attach that and slide the grill in and out makes it nice and easy gets a grill pan in and out at the back here as well we’ve got a little mini splash now you might think it comes in white but there is a protective coating on that protects the stainless steel underneath I simply remove that to reveal the stainless steel panel and attaches at the backing upright stove there’s another panel here which comes supplied with it which is a mini kick plate saves the protective coating reveal that panel and it simply attaches to the bottom of your kick another accessory comes with it is a conversion kit now the gas stove does come natural gas if you do want to convert it to LPG your mini brass injectors come supply with it so the plumber needs to convert it from natural gas to LPG at the back of the communit itself you’ve got connections to your guest supply here on the top right hand corner down the bottom is a 10 amp connection for power that runs your left Roenick ignition and the grill let’s have a look at the top layout here we have four burners in total with our wok burner two normal burners and a similar manner to the front we’ve got a trivet sitting on top we’re going to nice little to little piece here this one here is a cradle for the wok burner it sits there cravers the wok now is the plane to go up through the sides here and the flame right in the center this one here is you’ve got the small coffee pots you put that here supports the coffee pot let’s remove them and have a look closer look at the top here we’ve got our trivet has got heat-resistant grommets on it so raise it off the top of the surface of the stainless steel protects it so when you are moving the pins back in the forwards we don’t scratch the surface here being stainless steel these are cast iron and they are treated with enamel coating it stops them from rusting you could put them in the dishwasher but I think they’re just simply too big so hot soapy water in the sink and giving a good wash up now with our burners here they are individual you can take these caps off put in a dishwasher or hot soapy water you can see now we’ve got our electronic ignition so when you depress you control ng up at the front throws a spark out and light each burner individually this one here is your flame failure so if the fire does go out this cools down and I’ll turn the gas off so you to ignite it again turn the gas off here at the front at the knob and simply reignite ok let’s put these ones back ok let’s have a quick look at the control panel from left to right on the far left hand side you’ve got your timer setting it’s a two hour manual timer so ringer timer says just turn that round clockwise and I’ll let you know with a ringer sound next one we’ve got is your multifunction selector for your oven as you go through your functions you’ve got traditional grilling we’ve got here fan grilling fan force and a defrost function on the right-hand side here we’ve got our control knobs Sumida press turn around and you’ve got a little indicator on each one which tells you which Verna where she’s going to ignite so when you push it down throws a spark out and lights each individual burner for you let’s have a quick look inside the oven it’s a nice round firm sturdy handle pull that down towards you got three layers of glass on the outside single hinging gives a nice smooth operation inside the oven it’s 79 litres that’s quite a big capacity inside here we’ve got our runners here we’ve got one wire rack two deep pans one for doing your grilling in and also assisting one a baking one as well it is enamel inside so it’s nice and easy to keep clean on the far left hand side you’ve got your lights that shines through on the side so you get nice even lighting from top to bottom at the very top we have our grill so you remove your grill tray up for doing your grilling and it’s done with simply the door closed so looking down further we’ll get a nice little panel here which pulls down towards you that’s a storage section so any wrecks that you’re not using within the oven take them out slide them under here keeps them out of the way gives you more room inside the oven down further we have our little adjustable feet it does come included with the with the actual oven itself they’re stored inside the machine and along with your trivets if you can’t find the trivets we had a problem finding them and actually stored in here in two cardboard boxes I’d simply remove them and put them straight in position top the blue HC on the front it doesn’t come like that that’s a protective coating it’s right over the whole machine simply take that off to reveal the stainless steel finish so there we have our 60 centimeter gas upright stove by Smeg 2-year warranty on all parts and labor I hope this video will assist you when making your selection when shopping of us here at appliances online you hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we look at 90 centimeter all guests upright by Amelia with the guest connections at the back the gas Inlet is at the back top core

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