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Fisher & Paykel 248L Fridge Model:E249TRS Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 248L Fridge Model:E249TRS review

hi Colin for appliances online today welook at the Fisher Baker 248 literfrost-free top mount stainless steelfinish with a nice silver gray cabinetwhen you’re installing your fridge makesure you give plenty of air space aroundgive it about 2 centimeters all the wayaround so gives nice airflow at the backyou’ve got your canning a PowerPointjust plug it straight in it’s on glideso you just glide it forward and backinto position let’s have a look insidethe freezer compartment totally frostfree so there’s no defrosting whatsoevertempered glass shelf you can separatethe food here or you can bulk stack byremoving that shop twist ice maker it’sa manual fill and simply twist the icethe feeling back circulates air rightthroughout the freezer gives you eventemperature from top to bottom totallyfrustrate noda frosty looking at ourfridge at the front here we have nicerecess handles nice firm grips nice andflush they protrude out past recoverslet’s have a quick look inside therefrigeration department starting at thetop we’ve got a nice little 15 wattlight globe which shines light rightthroughout the fridge from top to bottomwe have tempered glass shelves it’sthree in total easy to remove and you’vegot full adjustment from top to bottomdown the bottom of full crisper it’sclear and see-through so you canactually see the food inside here on theside of the door we have your dispenserhere for your cheese dairy compartmentand fully adjustable shelving a largebottle compartment right down the bottomso you can put your large decent sizedbottles in here at the front the littlehangar at the front stops and bottlesfrom falling out the fridge yourselfcomes in stainless steel as you see hereright and left hinge this molds a righthinge version also available in whitefinish if you have any more questionsabout this product here or any otherFisher Paykel product call us on 130 500with air 24-7youanswers online today we’re looking atthe samsung 342 litre frost free fridgelet’s have a look some nice featureswill start with the outs

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