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Beko 253L Fridge Model:DNE25020 Detailed Video Review

Beko 253L Fridge Model:DNE25020 review

hi color from plants online today welook at the Beco frost free fridge 200rupees 3 liters let’s have a look atsome nice features from the outsidewe’ll have a look at the freezer andthen in the fridge eration compartmenton the outside here classic white allthe way around recessed handles therenice firm grips at the front here niceand strong plug them to a normal powerpoint at the back of the unit does thatopen condenser comes provide with twospaces you need to put them at the backof the machine installed correctly toallow proper ventilation let’s have aquick look inside the freezercompartment totally frost free nicelittle shop on their side of the doorhere for your small condiments on theinside glass shop you can take that outso if you want a bulk stack you can dothat just gives you a lot more room it’sa nice little divider between the upperand lower section the twist and manualicemaker as wellsetting up the back is preset you canchange the setting up and down the ventsyou see on the back there’s four of themthat’s your air out and air intakes thatgives you nice even airflow from top tobottom let’s have a quick look at so therefrigeration starting from the top herewe have our temperature setting in turnon lighting it’s situated at the backhere eliminates life from top to bottomwe have three lots of shelving unitstempered glass shop now our adjustabletop and bottom the wine rack here can beused for any position here bottles orwine we can totally remove it fullcrisper a nice glass lid on the top soyou can actually seeing your babiesinside there as well on the side hereyou’ve got the three lots of shelvinglarge one at the bottom for your biggerbottles a nice little egg tray to youlocated here on the shelf or place itinside the fridge compartment and that’sstill free to put it out by Beco if youhave any other questions about thisproduct or any other Beco product pleasecall us on 1300 were there 24/7youhi Colin fromclients is online today we’ll look atthe Samsung 228 litre frost-free fridgelet’s have a look at some nice featureswith this say

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