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Westinghouse 420L Fridge Model:WTM4200WBRH Video Review

Westinghouse 420L Fridge Model:WTM4200WBRH review

hi Colin from appliances online todaywe’re looking at the Westinghouse 420litre frost free fridge let’s help withsome nice feature this fridge offersyou’re starting with the outside thefridge comes in the classic way it’sright or left hinge is available to youthis model here is right hinge so thedoor swings naturally to the right handside and when installing your fridgemake sure you’ve got plenty of air spacearound it probably up to centimetersright around the whole fridge power-wiseplugs into a non-normal powerpoint andwith all Westinghouse bridges a normaltwo year warranty on all parts and laborthe fridge is movable it does come forrollers two at the front and to the backmakes it easy move in and out the handlenice firm grips nice is strong easy toopen clothes let’s have a look insidethe freezer totally frost free nodefrosting whatsoever air circulatesfrom the top vent through here and thenback to return at the back here givesyou nice even air flow right through outfrom top to bottom a nice littleaccessory to the freezer here is thetwist ice maker it’s a manual fillsimply fill up the dispenser once it’smade the ice it’s a big twist the icefalls into the container and it cansimply take that out and serve at thetable the glass shelf is tempered glassand you can easily wipe that out movingdown further to our fridge erationcompartment you’re starting at the tophere internal light at the back manualcontrol so you can up and down thetemperature at his factory set in themid section which is preferred settingbut you can change that as you choosethe shell hear a tempered glass theglass shopping nice and easy cleanedthey will hold spillage you to anythingdoes below it holds up to a liter ofspillage simply wipe it out it stops aprogram from shelf to shelf the shelvinghere is adjustable so you can arrange ashelving as you please down here we’vegot a seven day meet keeper or yourfresh meats can store it beautifully inhere then keeps it nice and fresh fullcrisper see-through so you can see youbulk veggies in here it’s one piecethere’s no little divider inside so youput your bulky food in there gives you anice easy access and we’ve got a littlesection on the side here which you canmove it’s a humidifier so you canactually make it more humid or lesshumid depending on the food that you’reputting inside your crisper on the righthand side here we have storage for ourcheese and butter compartments and easystorage section here it’skeep safe has a little lock on the sidehere so if you want to keep the kids output medicines in there or even that nicelittle bar of chocolate that theshelving is adjustable and it has gotlittle fingers here on the side it holdsyour large bottles in the four litersstops them from falling out when thedoors opened sharply the flow of airthat you got through here you’renoticing there’s little of edges on theside here on each of the shelf airtravels through here from the back andit keeps your drinks nice and chill it’sjust the right champion stops it fromfreezing these some of the nice featuresat the Westinghouse for 20 litre prosperoffers you if you have any furtherquestions about this product or anyother Westinghouse product pleasecontact someone 300 triple zero 500 fortheir 24 7youanswers online today we’re looking atthe samsung 342 litre frost free fridgelet’s have a look some nice featureswill start with the outside

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