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Beko 253L fridge Model:DNE25020 Detailed Video Review

Beko 253L fridge Model:DNE25020 review

today we’ve got the Beco DNA 250 20 topmount freezer with bottomed out fridgeand this is totally frost free itsnumber one seller in the UK so let’shave a quick look inside so here we havetotally frost free inside you get thenice little storage on the side here foryour packet food tempered glass shelfit’s not adjustable but you’ve gotplenty of height here in the top andbottom as wellyou’ve got adjustment at the back youcan see here which gives you atemperature setting for the freezercompartment only it is totally frostfree so no defrosting whatsoevernow the fridge itself is 540 wide acrossthe front ok so give yourself again acouple of centimetres either side forair space around it it just plugs into anormal power pointlet’s have a quick look inside thefridge now again tempered glass shelveson all three shelving here full crisperbeing down the bottom again put yourlarge food nice little wine rack now youcan take that out to give you more spaceas well now they are adjustable shelvingfrom top to bottom you have got a fridgeselector here for your temperature youit’s a dial selector so again one iswarmer higher is cooler on the door hereitself we have three different shelfpositions they’re not adjustable butstill gives you plenty of space here onthe side again a larger section down thebottom here for your larger bottles sayagain you’ve got plenty of room here andwidthput your large items on the side of thedoor here and we’ll take it quite a bitof weight and that’s pretty much ourfrost free fridge by Beckeryou

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