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Fisher & Paykel Top Mount Fridge Model:E522BRE3 Detailed Video Review

Fisher & Paykel Top Mount Fridge Model:E522BRE3 review

they were looking at the Fisher Paykel522 BRE 3 that’s our white upside downmodel fridge now this one here is in ondisplay is a right hand back in the dooris also available as a left hand so I’vebeen opening in the opposite directionalright so here the width across thefront is 790 wide so make sure you gotplenty of airspace around the fridgegive it at least two centimetres ineither side for air space let’s have aquick look inside now straight away yousee your beautiful lighting inside hereLED lighting very energy-efficient downthe back we’ve got our temperatureselector so just here at the backbecause your control panel for yourfridge and freezer a quick touch thebutton and up and down temperature asyou please so at the front here we’vegotten our tempered glass shells it goesall the way through there’s four shelvesin total three are adjustable downthrough the sides he can see adjustableshelving right throughout so it givesyou different positions these are toughin the last so then very strong willtake a lot of weight now on the bottomhere you’ve got your pulled out crisperboom so one slightly large and the otherso in sweetwater been in you can removethem again for easy place full of foodor take it out for cleaning purposes soin the sides the doors here going fromthe top you’ve got your butter cheesedairy compartments we’ve got our eggcompartments here which you either useor extra storage space here on the sideagain adjustable racks here on the sideagain clear deep containers and disheslarge bottle rack storage compartment atthe bottle as well if you do leave thedoor open too long you will get an alarmsound as well ok we just closed that onelet’s have a quick look down the bottomlook quick look inside the freezer sohere we go down the bottom you got yourlarge storage bin again for all yourbulk food you can put down here yourheavy meats you’ve got a slide-out – onthe center then that’s quite handyactually if you’re gonna put you knowyour flatmate off you’re gonna wrap themindividually great for packing here youhave got a couple of ice trays which youcan begin twist ice pick your ice traysand then lastly again nice convenientbins begin a 3/4 and 1/4 bin here againthey are removable so if you do want toadjust your meat you can take them outclose the door kick the egg cool insidethe freezer put it back in close thedoor it’s a nice easy glide system closeyour door up there we goyou know that the handler front is thereyou go it’s an a mph inish ok this playsa lot of finger marks as well so that’syour upside-down 522 liter fish spikeDell fridge

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2 Replies to “Fisher & Paykel Top Mount Fridge Model:E522BRE3 Detailed Video Review

  1. Five days after making a service request.. Technician no-shows (after waiting only FIVE hours). Who else has had this experience with Fisher & Paykel? Maybe it’s a good fridge. Hope for you life it never needs servicing!

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